InsuranceHub customer service

What Makes InsuranceHub Different?

We at InsuranceHub pride ourselves on being the experts in insurance, but what makes us stand out from the rest of all the other “experts?”

The answer: accessibility. We know that insurance shopping can be entirely overwhelming, especially with all of the industry terms for each type of insurance. We know that the key to helping people save money on insurance while giving them the proper coverage is to help them understand insurance coverages piece by piece.

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Ed Hemmer will head up our transportation department.

Ed Hemmer to head InsuranceHub’s new transportation department

The InsuranceHub family has got some great news! Our very own Ed Hemmer will be stepping up to lead our brand-new transportation department, and he will be acting as Associate Vice President of Transportation. We are all so excited and happy for Ed, and we want to take this chance to both say “Congratulations!” and explain a bit about what the new department is going to look like.

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The InsuranceHub team wishes Jon a happy retirement.

InsuranceHub wishes our teammate Jon a happy retirement

Jon Cordell, one of our InsuranceHub team members, is about to retire. Jon has been a wonderful colleague to have as part of our family. His upbeat attitude and ready smile bring positive energy to the office. We’re sad that we have to say goodbye, but we’re happy for Jon and his family. It’s been so great to have Jon’s insurance knowledge on our team and to work with someone so easy-going and caring.

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Our team member, Thomas, who is off to Basic Training.

Good-bye for now, Thomas, and thank you for your service!

Our InsuranceHub family is about to bid a temporary farewell to one of our own. Thomas, who is part of our commercial insurance team, will be leaving us for a few months so that he can complete Basic Training (including Advanced Individual Training or AIT) for the United States Army. He will be at Fort Benning until May, and after that he will be part of the National Guard. (We say it’s a temporary farewell because he’s going to return to us in May.)

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Auto insurance rates may increase in 2018 in Georgia.

2018 Forecast: Auto insurance rates on the rise…again

The adage “success comes at a price” is particularly poignant when it affects a company AND its customers. Rising to the pinnacle of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) list of top insurance companies in the U.S.*, State Farm Insurance assures its customers that they are “more than just a policy number.” Unfortunately, in the face of a growing trend in costly car accidents and several wildly disastrous natural events such as hurricanes and wildfires in 2017, those policy numbers will likely see a hefty rate hike in 2018.

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Battle of the Holiday Dishes - Dessert, Entree & Appetizer

InsuranceHub: Battle of the Holiday Dishes

If there are any 2 things we love here at InsuranceHub more than helping our clients, it’s the holiday season and potlucks! This year, we combined those 2 passions and had ourselves a little contest. In fact, it was a battle: The Battle of The Holiday Dishes.

On Wednesday, November 30th, our 3 main offices had a Battle of the Holiday Dishes! Each office was given a category to compete and the winning dish from each office is featured below:

  • Duluth was competing in the dessert category
  • Atlanta was competing in the entrée category
  • Douglasville was competing in the appetizer category

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