What Makes InsuranceHub Different?

We at InsuranceHub pride ourselves on being the well versed in insurance, but what makes us stand out from the rest?

The answer: accessibility. We know that insurance shopping can be entirely overwhelming, especially with all of the industry terms for each type of insurance. We know that the key to helping people save money on insurance while giving them the proper coverage is to help them understand insurance coverages piece by piece.

So, we make relationships with both our insurance carriers and our clients. We hire experienced agents who know what to look for in policies and how to speak the lingo with insurance carriers. We make sure to build relationships with our clients so that we can learn all about specific needs for their home, business, or means of transportation. We recommend coverage and use both relationships to leverage a plan of action for insurance policies that work for both parties.

As a technology-driven company, our team also works to meet people where they are to make those connections

Like a partner, colleague, or friend, we ensure that our agents are available by telephone, text and email. However, we also understand and strive to keep up with modern media and technologies. Our website hosts an online agent named Hazel that connects a curious mind with a real person, not just a scripted response or a series of transfers that may take days to finally give some answers.

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We monitor our social media pages like Facebook and Instagram for questions, comments, and messages because those are the places that people frequent. People don’t constantly refresh a page or check a website blog everyday (although, we appreciate the people that do keep up with us!), they’re checking their timelines for family updates, they’re commenting socially for help on concepts they may not understand, they’re reading emails for business or deals on other products. So, at InsuranceHub, we figure: Why would we make finding out about insurance and comparing affordable rates something you have to go out of your way for? We want to come to you!

Our founder, Jim Lloyd, understood this concept when InsuranceHub first began in 1985.

“A lot has changed in this industry since I first hung out my shingle in 1985. We’re committed to staying ahead of the curve where technology is concerned for the benefit and convenience of our clients, but we never want to sacrifice that personal touch that truly sets our company apart.”

There’s a certain advantage to seeing a real person’s social presence, speaking from both sides of a screen. As humans, we crave connection, and that connection makes exchanging and retaining knowledge easier. When each client knows that a real person is relating to them, it allows a free flow of information and a more comfortable atmosphere to build a trust in the policy we match them with.

Our agents know the industry, yes, but also know how to be personable – to speak to the person behind the home or business

Whether the client is a single parent running a small shop or a Marine veteran who now runs a shipping company or a millennial couple buying their first home, our agents communicate with people from all walks of life and thus know how to relate to each client’s life and adapt their insurance teaching approach to the individual.

And we’re glad it shows! Our recent reviews on TrustPilot are all the rage, and from all types of customers that we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and service over the years. Out of over 600 reviews, we received 95% Excellent ratings and 4% Great, and our TrustScore is a 9.8 out of 10.

Even though everyone in the company enjoys applying a personable approach, we love to know that the feeling is mutual – that the reputation we’ve built is not only based on insurance knowledge, but in being able to laugh, cry, and trust in our customers.

insurancehub get insurance quote

Plus, we’re always looking for more faces to meet and people to teach. If you have questions or are looking for better coverage for your home or business for a better rate, call one of our agents at 770.497.1200 or fill out our online quote form to join the InsuranceHub family. See you soon!