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If you're looking for business insurance for your trucking company, then we can get you free quotes. We are professionals in transportation insurance.

What can you expect from InsuranceHub?
  • We make Certificates of Insurance easy

    In addition to having a service staff who can assist with Certifi cates of Insurance, we have an online portal so that you can generate their own certifi cates 24/7 – at your convenience. Getting a certificate doesn’t have to be a hassle.

  • MCIEF Transportation Risk professional certified

    We are members of the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation. All of our agents have specialized training with MCIEF. For more information you can visit

  • DOT Alert Monitoring

    Nobody likes surprises and you have a limited window to file disputes on erroneous information filed against your DOT number. If something shows up from a DOT inspection to a change in status, we alert you and we can even help you fight it if something is showing up that is incorrect.

  • We look to the future of our clients’ businesses

    Saving money and time on your current insurance policy is priority number one but what about next year? What about the next three years? We’re all about helping our clients for the long-term. Let's help you create a multi-year plan towards getting lower insurance rates. It’s not just about now – it’s about the future of your business, too.

Get comprehensive trucking insurance quotes

No matter what kind of transportation business you operate, you can protect yourself and your employees from almost every conceivable risk that your organization may face. Whether it may be property damage, lawsuits, theft, death or more, there are many business risks that can result in serious financial loss if you are not insured.

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Our FMCSA DOT Monitoring for starters...

Regulation making you crazy?

The transportation industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the country. How the government expects you to keep up with every little detail is beyond us. That’s why we are here to help.

Let’s start with no surprises

In business, no one likes surprises and if you are like most trucking companies you have had DOT compliance issues crop up that you never knew about. Maybe a driver thought they got a warning, or maybe the DOT officer put the wrong information down. Whatever the case, it starts with knowing about it.

How do we keep track of it all?

We subscribe to a DOT monitoring service so you don’t have to. Keeping up with your DOT is an important part of insurance. You have a lot to keep track of, let’s go ahead and get you set up.

Did you know you can fight the results?

DOT Officers are human and they make mistakes everyday. Many trucking companies are not familiar with DataQs. DataQs allows you to request and track a review of Federal and State data issued by FMCSA that you feel may be incomplete or incorrect. Don’t know where to start? We can help!

Here is the minimum recommended trucking insurance coverage:
minimum insurance coverages for a small business insurancehub
  • Business Personal Property
  • Business Income
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Money and Securities
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Computers, Valuable Papers, and Records
  • General Liability
  • Employee Benefits
  • Environmental Impairment
  • Umbrella
  • Business Automobile Liability and Physical Damage
  • Hired and Nonownership Auto
  • Garagekeepers
  • Workers Compensation

Other body shop insurance coverages to consider:

  • Building
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Leasehold Interest
  • Real Property Legal Liability
  • Forgery
  • Computer Fraud
  • Signs
  • Cyber liability
  • Employment-related Practices
  • Stop Gap Liability

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