Reefer Insurance

Need reefer insurance for your company? Let our trucking industry professionals help.

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Reefer Insurance

If you’re currently shopping for insurance, you may have noticed most insurance companies don’t like to insure truckers who operate reefer trucks. This is because refrigerated goods require special coverages that some agents aren’t familiar with.

Also, you may have noticed that insurance for a reefer is a lot more expensive than other commercial vehicles. This is due to the level of risk involved with reefer units compared to other commercial trucks.

Here at InsuranceHub Leavitt Agency, we have a team of trained agents who specialize in trucking. We’ve been around since 1985 and our agents work with reefer units daily.

What’s considered a reefer?

A reefer is another term for a refrigerated truck. This vehicle is enclosed and designed to haul perishable items like dairy products, pharmaceuticals, seafood, and meat. The trailer stays at a certain temperature so frozen and refrigerated items don’t thaw or go bad.

Food factories and grocery stores rely on reefer trucks for their daily operations. Without them, our grocery stores shelves would be bear!

Do you need a CDL to drive a reefer?

In most cases, you’ll need a CDL to operate a reefer truck. Most of these trucks’ gross combination weight rating will be more than 26,0001 pounds.

Reefer truck drivers also need special training regarding proper sanitation and food storage.

What type of insurance do reefers need?

As stated above, there are more risks involved when operating a reefer truck. There’s a chance you get into an accident, or your refrigeration unit breaks down and the perishables spoil.

Refrigerated cargo is expensive and you don’t want to be left footing the bill if an unwanted incident occurs.

Here are some of the coverages you’ll need to protect your reefer business:

Auto Liability

Truckers General Liability

Collision & Comprehensive Coverage

Reefer Breakdown

How much does reefer insurance cost?

We’ve mentioned already that reefer insurance will typically cost more than other commercial vehicle policies. This is because safely transporting perishable items involves a lot of risks.


Your reefer insurance rate will be dependent on several factors such as:
minimum insurance coverages for a small business insurancehub
  • The age and experience of your drivers
  • Your location
  • Accidents
  • DUIs
  • Speeding tickets
  • The type of perishable items you transport
  • Your hauling radius
  • The condition and age of your reefer units