Dump Truck Insurance

Need dump truck insurance for your company? Let our agents help.

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Dump Truck Insurance

Here at InsuranceHub Leavitt Agency, we understand how stressful it can be to get insurance for your dump truck. You may not even know how to go about it, and that’s where we come into the picture. We’ve been assisting dump truck businesses like yours for over 35 years. We offer affordable dump truck insurance coverages designed specifically to meet your business’s needs.

What’s considered a dump truck?

A dump truck is an open truck bed that uses a hydraulic lift to raise the front of the bed so the contents inside pour out. Dump trucks come in various sizes and there are different types, such as there are standard dump trucks, side dump trucks, transfers, bottom dumps, and more.

Some other names for a dump truck are a tandem, roll-off truck, transfer dump truck, truck and pup, winter service vehicle, and end dump trailer.

There are several types of businesses that rely on dump trucks to transport materials from one place to another, such as:

  • Sand, dirt, and gravel haulers

  • Construction companies

  • Excavators

  • Trash haulers

  • Landscapers

Do you need a CDL to drive a dump truck?

Typically, the average gross combination weight rating of a dump truck is 27,000 pounds. Therefore, you’ll likely need a Class B CDL to operate a dump truck.

What type of insurance do dump trucks need?

If you have employees who are operating your dump trucks, then you’ll need workers’ compensation insurance. You wouldn’t want to be left paying your employees’ medical bills if an injury occurs on the job.

You’ll also need auto liability in case one of your trucks causes property damage or bodily harm due to an accident. With this coverage, you won’t have to cover the medical expenses or repair bills of the other party.

Some other coverages you’ll need are:

Auto Liability & Truckers General Liability

Non-Trucking Liability

Collision Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

How much does dump truck insurance cost?

There are several factors that insurance providers take into account when working your quote. Such as, the agent will need to gather and examine all your business’s information to create an accurate quote. What most insurers take into account is your business’s risk level, the more risk involved the higher your insurance will likely be.

Some factors that affect the cost of dump truck insurance are:
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  • The year, make, and model of your dump trucks
  • The type of dump trucks you have and their hauling capacity
  • Where you’ll be using them
  • The number of employees you have
  • The type of work they’ll be used for
  • Claims history
  • Your employees’ driving records