10 Tips for Enjoying the Geminid Meteor Shower

The Geminid meteor show puts on an amazing show every year in December. It is going to be most visible this year from Dec. 13 in the evening to Dec. 14 just before dawn. Here are ten tips for enjoying the Geminid meteor shower.

Be Ready To Watch For A Few Hours

Be prepared to sit outdoors and watch for the geminid meteor shower a few hours. This means dress warmly and bring along something to eat or drink.

Start Watching Just Before Midnight or Earlier

You want to start watching around 11 p.m. or earlier if you want. The show will peak at 2 a.m. although you want to be prepared before that.

Turn Off Anything Creating Light Nearby

Anything making light will dampen your experience. Turn off anything creating light nearby such as porch lights, cell phones and even indoor lights.

Face the Darkest Part of the Sky

Turn yourself towards the very darkest part of the sky. Face away from any light sources even if they are distant and on the horizon to get the best view of the meteor shower.

Let Your Eyes Get Used To the Dark

Let your eyes get used to the dark once outside to see the meteors better. This takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Lay or Sit In a Relaxed Position

You do not want to be fidgeting or sore while watching the meteor shower. Lay or sit in a very relaxed and comfortable position before things start.

Watch With Friends to Catch More Meteors

Geminid meteors can show up anywhere in the sky. Watch with friends so that each person can scan a different part of the sky.

There Is No Need to Face the Geminid

Remember that there is no reason to face any one direction. You will see just as many meteors whether you are facing Gemini and Castor or not.

Watch ForĀ Earth Grazers

Watch closely for slow-moving meteors that seem to be parallel with the horizon. These are called earth grazers and they can have rainbow-colored tails.

Rely Just On Your Eyes

You will get the best view of the Geminid meteor shower using just your eyes. Leave the binoculars and telescopes at home.