Ed Hemmer to head InsuranceHub’s new transportation department

The InsuranceHub family has got some great news! Our very own Ed Hemmer will be stepping up to lead our brand-new transportation department, and he will be acting as Associate Vice President of Transportation. We are all so excited and happy for Ed, and we want to take this chance to both say “Congratulations!” and explain a bit about what the new department is going to look like.

Ed Hemmer came to us when CoverYou Insurance merged with InsuranceHub in April of 2017 (CoverYou being a local agency that managed personal and commercial insurance in the Southeast.) He joined the InsuranceHub family as an Associate Vice President, and since then he has been an invaluable part of our team with his positive attitude, work ethic, and ready laugh and smile. We’re so happy to have him at InsuranceHub and we’re looking forward to seeing him lead the new transportation department.

InsuranceHub has been working a lot in the tow truck insurance and truck insurance worlds lately, and we decided to form a new department that will be entirely devoted to transportation insurance. The team that Ed will soon oversee will consist of 6 commercial producers, who develop relationships with potential clients, and 3 account managers, who provide customer service to existing clients. The three areas that Ed wants to focus on as the head of his new team are, “Development, accountability, and achievement.” He wants to help his team grow personally and professionally, and he also wants to be there for them to help them achieve their goals.

The members of Ed’s team will become trusted advisors and partners to our clients. By going above and beyond to make insurance easy and help our clients, the hope is that the team will become the go-to source for advice and towing insurance matters. How will the nine team members do that? According to Ed, the team will advise the client about their risks. But the team’s job doesn’t end there. They will also help the client manage those risks and work with them to show clients that we possess a genuine interest in the welfare of their business. Basically, Ed envisions his team, “providing best practices and efficient service [to our clients] to ensure that their business stays on the road.”

The new transportation department will make insurance easy for their clients. By offering their guidance in the tow truck and truck insurance fields, the producers will help advise their clients on coverage options and pricing. The service team will be there to assist with any insurance needs or changes that businesses run into – adding trucks to a policy, adding or removing drivers, and so on. By providing top-notch customer service, Ed’s team will take the stress out of insurance while being there for their clients every step of the way. No one has to navigate tow truck insurance alone when they’re working with a member of InsuranceHub’s transportation department. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with great coverage at a great rate.

Ed describes his leadership style as “servant leader.” He wants to be right in the trenches with his team, providing support and guidance to help them succeed. Over time, he hopes that this will really help inspire hard work and loyalty from his team. And we look forward to seeing what Ed’s team will do!

Anyways, again we say congratulations, Ed Hemmer! We wish you all the best in your new role as Associate Vice President of Transportation.

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