InsuranceHub wishes our teammate Jon a happy retirement

Jon Cordell, one of our InsuranceHub team members, is about to retire. Jon has been a wonderful colleague to have as part of our family. His upbeat attitude and ready smile bring positive energy to the office. We’re sad that we have to say goodbye, but we’re happy for Jon and his family. It’s been so great to have Jon’s insurance knowledge on our team and to work with someone so easy-going and caring.

Jon has been working in the insurance world for a while. Before getting started in insurance, Jon worked in wholesale pet supply. But the business got sold, so Jon decided to try something else. A good friend of his was working in non-standard auto insurance, and he brought Jon into the business, paid for his licensing and schooling, and started teaching Jon about insurance.

At InsuranceHub, Jon’s part of our commercial lines (business insurance) team. We were curious about how Jon got from personal auto insurance to commercial insurance, and he explained that the story involves a few insurance agencies, ongoing learning, and a bit of multi-tasking with working in both personal lines and commercial lines.

About five years after getting his start in insurance, Jon saw an ad for a job at a Nationwide agency in south Florida, and that’s where he first started learning commercial insurance. After a while, he and his wife moved to Georgia to be closer to his wife’s father, and Jon started working for a Nationwide agency in Sugar Hill, where he worked with both personal and commercial insurance. There were a few more stops along the way, but eventually, Jon ended up working for CoverYou Insurance, where he worked in commercial insurance for about 5 years. And then CoverYou became part of InsuranceHub in April of 2017 and Jon became part of our family.

We asked Jon about his favorite memories of his career, and he immediately thought of a time at CoverYou. One of the carriers they worked with offered trips every year for meeting business goals, and that year the trip was to Hawaii. Jon (who is also licensed in life insurance – is there anything he doesn’t do?) set his sights on that trip and worked hard to try to meet the life insurance sales goal. He succeeded – and was able to take his wife to Hawaii for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. That makes us smile because it’s very much like Jon.

Of course, life isn’t all about insurance and work. In his free time, Jon is an avid tennis player – he’s even certified as a tennis teacher! (Maybe that’s why he always beats us at ping pong…) Jon also enjoys hiking in the mountains, and he and his wife have a cabin in North Carolina that they absolutely love. In his next assignment, he will help his wife build up her organic medicinal herb business. He also considers enjoying life to be one of his favorite hobbies! We asked Jon if he had any advice to share, and he smiled and said, “Continue seeking wisdom.”

So, that’s a little bit about Jon’s adventures in the world of insurance. During his year at InsuranceHub, Jon has become invaluable to us. He works hard and takes such excellent care of our clients, which is reflected in the glowing reviews they leave him online. We will definitely miss him, but we’re happy for him and wish him a very happy retirement.

Jon, though, doesn’t see this as a true retirement or an end. “God doesn’t allow retirement,” he said. “I’m just moving into my latest phase of serving.”