Sinkholes, wildfires and earthquakes: Will your home be protected?

Welcome to part three of the series: “Will your home be protected from these Natural Disasters?”

In part 1 we addressed hurricanes and in part 2 we discussed tornadoes and hailstorms.

Today, in part 3 we will discuss:

  • Sinkholes
  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes
  • Landslides

Will my home insurance protect me from sinkholes?

While 150 mph hurricane winds or grapefruit sized hail is enough to scare the pants off of you,  nothing strikes TERROR into the hearts of people than to imagine the earth opening up and swallowing your house whole.


In the last decade, the news has been filled with stories of sinkholes. Some of them might even be local to you. So, here is the question: Does your homeowner’s insurance policy cover you from sinkholes?

The answer may surprise you. Sinkhole insurance is specific to your state. In other words, some states tend to have a reputation for having sinkholes. For example, Missouri & Florida come to mind. These states will offer sinkhole insurance. In fact, it only makes sense to get a policy if you live in states where sinkholes are an issue.

On the other hand, if you live in a state that doesn’t have a sink hole reputation, then it usually isn’t available to you. Talk with an InsuranceHub agent to find out if your state offers this policy.

Landslide Damage

Will my home insurance protect me from landslides & earthquakes?

Earthquakes and landslides are reported in the news each day. The thing is that a standard homeowner’s policy DOES NOT cover any claims made to earth movement.

Simply put, this means that earthquakes and mud landslides are not covered. But, does this mean that you can’t get coverage? Of course not.

Talk to your InsuranceHub agent and they will show you how to add an earthquake policy to your existing coverage.

wildfires home insurance

Will my home insurance protect me from wildfires?

Your standard home policy will cover your home for fire damage, which includes wildfires. Imagine if you were living in California. Many homeowners go to sleep at night with one eye open as wildfires creep towards their home.

For those currently living amongst the wildfires blazing across Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, the possibility of home wildfire damage is a very present reality.

What about Texas? How surprised will you be to learn that 47.3% of all acreage burned in the United States in 2011 was burned in Texas? Did you know that in 2011 approximately 31,453 fires had burned 4,000,000 acres in the state of Texas?

Also, did you know that 2,947 homes and over 2,700 other structures were destroyed during that year? They caused $510.927 million in damages and caused six deaths and injured an additional 62 people.

In fact, the 2011 Bastrop County Complex Fire is now considered as the most catastrophic wildfire in Texas history. The culprits?

  • Drought
  • Strong winds
  • Unseasonably warm temperatures
  • Low humidity

Now while your home is protected with your typical dwelling structural policy, what isn’t necessarily covered are all of your possessions. So think about this: Do you have jewelry, antiques, artwork or collectibles? These can cost more money to replace that your standard policy will cover.

The answer? Adding an insurance rider to your standard policy is the key to protecting your valuables. Here is a suggestion: talk with your agent and give them a list of your valuables. Talk to them about the value of each item. This way you get the coverage you need to replace your fire damaged valuables.

In conclusion, you deserve to know the facts. Otherwise, how can you make an informed decision? Your InsuranceHub agent is standing by to discuss the risks that your home faces and how you can best protect your home from natural disasters.