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hail storm

Jun 22 2021

Home Insurance

Is My House Protected from Hail?

Living in areas that frequently experience hurricanes, tornadoes, and storms increases the odds of property damage. While standard insurance policy offers coverage for hail, you need “windstorm insurance” if your area is prone to frequent hail ... Read More
house for rent

Jun 22 2021

Home Insurance

How to Put Your Property up for Rent in Atlanta

Most people consider Atlanta the main hub of the South because of its scenic and strategic location. The bustling city has rising numbers of workers and tourists, making it an attractive haven for many realtors and ... Read More

Apr 26 2021

Home Insurance

Is your home really safe with insurance?

Is your homeowners' policy covering everything you need it to? Maybe, maybe not. Now's the time to check on these five areas.

Apr 19 2021

Business Insurance

Planning the First Corporate Event after COVID-19? Special Event Insurance Protects Your Business and Your Guests

Make sure everybody has an awesome time at the company picnic this year when you add Special Event Insurance to your budget.
commercial auto insurance

Apr 11 2021

Business Insurance

Switch to Commercial Auto Insurance for Your Home Business

Is your personal car serving double duty as a delivery vehicle or messenger service? Learn when it is time to add a commercial auto policy to your business insurance portfolio.
A home security system could help you save money on home insurance.

Apr 3 2021

Home Insurance

Top 5 Security Upgrades Recommended by Home Insurance Professionals

How do you make your home less appealing to burglars? Learn what the insurance professionals recommend to lower crime rates by adding security upgrades to your home.
at fault insurance coverage car wreck

Mar 22 2021

Auto Insurance

Assigning Blame: Car Insurance Coverage if the Accident is Your Fault

Nobody is perfect. That is certainly the case when it comes to driving on the open road. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, the first thing you need to do is call 911. ... Read More
home insurance quotes

Mar 15 2021

Home Insurance

Home Insurance: Is it Required by Law?

A home is one of the most valuable purchases that you are ever going to make. In addition to being a location where you are going to make a bunch of memories, it is also a ... Read More
value increase for home, get new insurance quotes

Mar 7 2021

Home Insurance

Home Insurance: What if Your Home Goes Up in Value?

Your home is one of the most valuable investments you will ever make. Of course, you are going to make a lot of great memories in your home. At the same time, you probably expect the ... Read More
Buying the Right Amount of Insurance for High-Value Homes

Feb 24 2021

Home Insurance

Buying the Right Amount of Insurance for High-Value Homes

Homeowners of all kinds struggle to find the right balance of insurance protection for their needs. Owners have high-value homes have unique insurance needs that must be met as part of an effective risk-management strategy. These tips will help.
Tax Benefits of Registering an Exotic Car in Montana

Feb 17 2021

Auto Insurance

Tax Benefits of Registering an Exotic Car in Montana

Exotic cars are unique, high-value vehicles that few people own. To save money on sales tax, many exotic car owners register them in Montana. These vehicles also require a customized insurance policy.
Transportation Company Insurance - So Much More than Trucking Insurance

Feb 10 2021


Transportation Company Insurance – So Much More than Trucking Insurance

Transportation companies need more than trucking insurance. It takes a robust risk management plan to deliver effective tranporation company insurance for businesses in today's competitive trucking world.
Homeowners Insurance Does Not Protect Your Home-Based Business

Feb 3 2021

Business Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Does Not Protect Your Home-Based Business

Have you recently started operating a business from home? Don't forget to protect your assets by setting up a home-based business insurance.
tow truck business success 2021

Jan 25 2021

Business Insurance

8 Habits of Successful Towing Businesses in 2021

Business success is something we all seek to achieve in the coming year. There are some moves you can make within your organization that will do more to generate success in the future than many others. If ... Read More
cyber liability insurance

Jan 18 2021

Business Insurance

Cyber Liability Risks for Work-from-Home Employees

Employees are already the weakest link when they’re in the office; the vast majority of cybersecurity breaches occur due to the mistakes or negligence of employees. So, what happens when they’re working from home? Working from home can increase ... Read More
insuring high value cars

Jan 11 2021

Auto Insurance

How to Properly Insure Your High-Value Car

Congratulations! You just rewarded yourself with the purchase or lease of a gorgeous car with a price tag over the $100,000 mark. Of course, you got car insurance, as required by your state, but if you opted ... Read More
It's important to protect your identity when you're shopping online on Cyber Monday.

Jan 4 2021

Business Insurance

The insurance risks of employees working from home

Business owners had to scramble to adapt to a new reality in the early days of the pandemic that included having most employees work from home. Due to the sudden nature of the changes, work from ... Read More
new home buying guide

Dec 22 2020

Home Insurance

What To Do After Purchasing a New Home: A New Home Purchase Guide

If you have recently purchased a home, you are properly tired of signing papers; however, make sure your home is ready to be lived in.
insurance claims mistakes

Dec 22 2020

Home Insurance

5 Common Mistakes People Make on Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Are you making these common home insurance claim mistakes? Learn how to protect your home and finances when you have a claim.
show insurance after credit score increase

Dec 10 2020

Auto Insurance

Did your credit score increase? It’s time to shop insurance rates

You did it — you finally paid off a credit card or made some serious strides with your finances. After this work has been accomplished, you may be awarded with a credit score increase. While this ... Read More
Employees taking time off

Dec 8 2020

Business Insurance

Why it’s important for your employees to take time off

Let’s face it: your employees are human beings, not robots. They need time to rest and relax, which means that they need a break from time to time. Maybe you offer time off to your employees, ... Read More
vacation home insurance

Dec 7 2020

Home Insurance

Vacation Home Insurance 101: What It Is and Why You Need It

Buying a vacation home is the dream of many, but there’s a lot to consider before signing a contract, and vacation property insurance is a primary one. Because you won’t be in the home full-time, having ... Read More
Thanksgiving 2020

Nov 10 2020

Home Insurance

Considerations for traveling during Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving, of course, is a time that most people want to spend with friends and family. Maybe you have a tradition of gathering at someone’s house with your extended family. However, a lot of people travel ... Read More
Halloween 2020

Oct 27 2020

Home Insurance

5 considerations for Halloween 2020

With COVID-19 still a major threat and cause for concern, you might be wondering about Halloween this year. The CDC presents several examples of alternative Halloween activities so you don’t have to partake in traditional trick-or-treating, ... Read More
Business success

Oct 22 2020

Business Insurance

10 habits for business success

If you are in charge of a business, you know that it’s not an easy task. It’s not easy to be the boss, and success in business can feel like something daunting. There are, however, a ... Read More
Being a business leader

Oct 19 2020

Business Insurance

Tips if you’re new to being a leader at your business

Being the leader of a business can be tough, especially when you’re fairly new to it. There are going to be times that are tough and there are going to be some struggles. You have to ... Read More
Delegate to employees

Oct 15 2020

Business Insurance

How to delegate at your small business

One part of being the leader of a business that can be particularly challenging is delegating. However, it’s really beneficial for both your employees and for you. You get help tackling your to-do list and your ... Read More
Halloween 2020 (a)

Oct 12 2020

Home Insurance

Tips for having a safe Halloween 2020

Halloween is a fun holiday that’s meant to be joyous and lighthearted. But with the coronavirus looming, you might be a bit at a loss of how to keep the fun and magic in the day ... Read More
Severity weight

Oct 8 2020

Business Insurance

How does a violation’s severity weight get calculated?

The trucking world can be complicated, particularly when it comes to violations and what they mean. There are a lot of terms that come up, and that can be frustrating. So, we’ll take the opportunity to ... Read More
Home insurance situation

Oct 5 2020

Home Insurance

5 times your home insurance situation could improve

If you’re a homeowner, you know you need to have the right coverage to protect your home. It’s a big investment, after all, but that doesn’t mean you want to clean out your piggy bank paying ... Read More
Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC

Oct 1 2020

Business Insurance

What is the Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC?

There are a lot of regulations that truck drivers and motor carriers need to know about. There are these things called the BASICs, and there’s one category in particular called the Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC that you ... Read More
In-person school 1

Sep 28 2020

Home Insurance

Deciding about in-person school for your kids

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of difficult decisions for families as they navigate the new reality we’re all facing. One difficult choice parents are having to face is whether to send the kids ... Read More
How to be a good boss (1)

Sep 24 2020

Business Insurance

How to be a great boss at your business

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with being a boss or being a manager. It’s a big deal. You’re the one who supports your team and you’re the one in charge. But you want ... Read More
CDL test

Sep 21 2020

Business Insurance

7 things to know about the CDL test

If you’re preparing to take the CDL test, there are a few things you should know. The CDL test is a big deal because driving a CMV and being a CDL-holder means you’re being held to ... Read More
Giving feedback

Sep 17 2020

Business Insurance

8 tips for giving feedback at your business

If you are the manager of a business, you’re going to be in a position where you have to give feedback to your employees. It’s important that your team members can both take feedback and give ... Read More
Teens and car insurance

Sep 14 2020

Auto Insurance

What should teens know about car insurance?

There’s a really exhilarating feeling that comes along with getting a driver’s license and starting your career as a driver. However, there is something that doesn’t sound like as much fun as driving, and that’s car ... Read More
Employee burnout

Sep 10 2020

Business Insurance

6 tips to help prevent employee burnout

If you are the manager or leader of a business, it’s important to have a great team of people to work with. But it’s also essential to provide them with a positive, happy work environment. That ... Read More
Trucking biennial update

Sep 3 2020

Business Insurance

4 FAQs about the biennial update of truck business info

If you have a trucking business, you know that the FMCSA and the DOT are important. Those are the major agencies trucking businesses have to contend with. Now, there’s something called the biennial update. You might ... Read More
Virtual training

Aug 27 2020

Business Insurance

How to effectively transition to virtual training

Employee training is a critical function for successful companies. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers are now faced with the question of how to properly train their employees while also keeping them safe. ... Read More
Landlord insurance quotes

Aug 20 2020

Business Insurance

Why do landlord insurance quotes take so long?

If you are a landlord, business owner, or property investor, you’re probably familiar with having to deal with your commercial insurance. While it can be a nuisance to deal with (and, let’s be honest, it’s probably ... Read More
Parent-teen driving contract

Aug 13 2020

Auto Insurance

How to create a parent-teen driving contract

Having a teen driver can be extremely stressful on a parent. To the teen the words “driver’s license” sound like freedom, while to the parent they sound like a disaster waiting to happen. Understandably you’re worried, ... Read More

Aug 6 2020

Business Insurance

What is the trucking ISS?

The trucking world is full of numbers and ratings and safety information that you as a motor carrier need to know about. It can be quite the job to keep it all straight and to understand ... Read More
How to get a CDL

Jul 30 2020

Business Insurance

How to get a CDL

If you’re planning on getting your CDL, congratulations! That’s great. Trucking is a great industry to be involved in. The process to get a CDL involves a lot of study and practice. So, you might be ... Read More
Insuring a new car

Jul 23 2020

Auto Insurance

Is insuring a new car more expensive?

If you’re getting a new car, congratulations! That’s exciting. You’re probably pretty happy. But you also might be concerned about how much it costs to insure a new car. You want to get a brand-new, latest ... Read More
FMCSA programs

Jul 16 2020

Business Insurance

Programs the FMCSA runs

If you are in the trucking world, you know the acronym FMCSA, which, of course, stands for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They handle a lot of things and oversee many transportation-related issues. A lot ... Read More
Pro tips for taking a home inventory

Jul 9 2020

Home Insurance

Pro tips for taking a home inventory

If home insurance has been on your mind, you might be wondering what you can do to help yourself out when it comes to your insurance. You are trying to be proactive and be a responsible ... Read More
Driving around trucks

Jul 2 2020

Auto Insurance

10 things you need to know about driving around trucks

If you’re on the highway or even cruising down city streets, you’re going to have to share the road with big trucks and buses. Being in a passenger vehicle, even a hefty SUV, you might feel ... Read More
Workplace morale towing business

Jun 25 2020

Business Insurance

Why workplace morale is important for towing businesses

Towing is not easy. It’s long hours, hard work, and unpredictable adventures. And if you’re the leader of a towing business, you’re kind of in charge of making sure that everyone is happy working as a ... Read More
Home insurance checklist

Jun 18 2020

Home Insurance

Home insurance checklist: Do I have the right home insurance?

Home insurance might not be your favorite thing to contemplate. The jargon, the policy, the premium. It’s a lot. The thing is that insurance can be overwhelming, and you might wonder whether you have the “right” ... Read More
Auto roadside emergency kit

Jun 11 2020

Auto Insurance

Putting together an auto roadside emergency kit

If you’ve got a car and you cruise around or commute, you never know when something could happen. Cars can be stubborn. They can break. Sometimes even the smallest thing can keep the car from cooperating ... Read More

Make Sure Your Coverage Matches Your Business Size

Feb 19, 2016

How To Match Your Insurance To Your Business If you have a home-based business, a small business or a worldwide business, read closely about how to select the right coverage for your company. Choosing the right type and … Read More

What is a Business Owners Policy?

Feb 16, 2016

What is a business owners policy and how can it help you save money on your small business insurance? If you are a small business owner shopping for commercial insurance, then read closely. Did you ever go to a restaurant … Read More

Are you using these space heater safety tips?

Feb 11, 2016

Prevent House Fires using these space heater safety tips As winter draws near you might want to take out your little space heater to take the chill out of the morning air. Well, STOP. Don’t do anything … Read More

Electrical Safety Tips To Protect Your Family And Home

Feb 8, 2016

Do you know and respect these electrical safety tips? Here is the scoop on electrical fires. Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association reports that electrical cords and temporary wiring are responsible for more than 21,000 … Read More

Safety tips to prevent kitchen cooking fires

Feb 4, 2016

Will you use these cooking safety tips to prevent kitchen fires? Nothing beats a good old fashioned home cooked meal. Perhaps you still have good memories of mom teaching you to cook when you were a … Read More


How To Prevent Mold in Your Home

Jan 28, 2016

Mold can be very damaging to a home and to your family’s health. It can develop over a long period of time behind walls and under carpeting without providing any indication of its presence. During that … Read More


Are You Underinsuring Your Home?

Jan 13, 2016

If you’re like most Americans, your home is your largest investment. You put a lot of money into purchasing it, paying off the mortgage, and keeping it running. But you also put a great deal of … Read More


5 Roof Maintenance Tips to Reduce Wear and Tear

Jan 6, 2016

The roof of your home not only protects your family and belongings, but it also helps secure the structural integrity of the property. With that in mind, your home insurance company is very much focused on … Read More

home insurance deductible insruancehub blog

Home Insurance Deductible: How Much Is Too Much?

Dec 28, 2015

Home insurance deductibles give you some freedom in selecting the amount you’ll pay on your insurance plan. Deductibles are what you’ll pay first before your insurance kicks in when you file a claim. For example, if … Read More


National Safe Toys & Gifts Month

Dec 16, 2015

National Safe Toys and Gifts Month reflects an effort to draw attention to some of the most common hazards encountered when giving away items to children and adults. If you are not careful, then a gift … Read More

10 Tips for Enjoying the Geminid Meteor Shower

Dec 9, 2015

The Geminid meteor show puts on an amazing show every year in December. It is going to be most visible this year from Dec. 13 in the evening to Dec. 14 just before dawn. Here are … Read More


Keep Toasty With A Great Winter Soup

Dec 2, 2015

Something that can take the chill off in winter is a good bowl of rich soup. Winter soups are distinctive because they tend to be hearty, warm and full of flavor. They are unlike lighter summer … Read More