Interstate vs intrastate trucking

The Difference Between Intrastate vs. Interstate Trucking

If you have a trucking business, your vehicles cover a lot of ground. Sometimes that ground is within the borders of one state, or sometimes that ground takes truckers through multiple states (or even countries). So – with that in mind, there are a couple of words that are often tossed around in the trucking world: intrastate vs. interstate. What’s the difference? Aside from the definition, what differentiates an intrastate business from an interstate business? We’ll explain the differences between intrastate vs. interstate in trucking.

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Does My Tow Truck Business Need Garage Keepers Insurance?

If you run a towing business, you face an abundance of risk everyday. Since every tow truck business is different, they all need a unique insurance plan that’s customized for their specific needs. One type of insurance that you might want to consider for your operation is garage keepers liability insurance. We’ll explain what this is and how it can protect your business from being stuck with any large unwanted bills.

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tow truck hauling a car

How to Start Your Own Tow Truck Business

You’ve made up your mind – you want to start a tow truck business. Congratulations! There’s definitely freedom in being your own boss and knowing that you built something is very satisfying. Now, towing is not for the faint-of-heart. It’s hard work, and the work is rain-or-shine, day or night. But you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done an honest day’s work and really helped people. So, all that being said – we’ve got some tips on how to start a tow truck business.

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What Affects the Cost of Dump Truck Insurance?

If you have a dump truck business, you know you need to have the right insurance. Your trucks and your business are your livelihood, so you need to make sure that they’re protected. However, getting insurance for dump trucks sounds expensive. We’re going to explain what affects the cost of dump truck insurance for your business and give a few tips for lowering the cost of it.

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Transportation Company Insurance - So Much More than Trucking Insurance

Transportation Company Insurance – So Much More than Trucking Insurance

Transportation company insurance isn’t as simple as saying you want truck driver insurance. You’re responsible for providing vehicles, protecting cargo, and keeping the roads safe for one and all. That means you need to have the right kind of trucking insurance to protect your financial interests and those of the people you employ.

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Severity weight

How does a violation’s severity weight get calculated?

The trucking world can be complicated, particularly when it comes to violations and what they mean. There are a lot of terms that come up, and that can be frustrating. So, we’ll take the opportunity to explain a bit of how violations work. What’s a severity weight, and how is that determined? Why does it matter? And where can you, as a trucking business, find out more? Here goes.

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Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC

What is the Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC?

There are a lot of regulations that truck drivers and motor carriers need to know about. There are these things called the BASICs, and there’s one category in particular called the Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC that you might be wondering about. We get that all of these things can be overwhelming and intense, so we’re going to break down the Controlled Substances/Alcohol BASIC. We’ll go over what it is, what can hurt you in that BASIC, and how you can improve. We’ve got some ground to cover, so we’ll get started!

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CDL test

7 things to know about the CDL test

If you’re preparing to take the CDL test, there are a few things you should know. The CDL test is a big deal because driving a CMV and being a CDL-holder means you’re being held to a high standard. (And therefore the CDL test also holds applicants to high standards.) Serious violations can jeopardize the driver’s maintaining of their CDL. Here’s some helpful information to keep in mind if you’re preparing for the CDL test.

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