Does car insurance for women really cost less than car insurance for men?

There are many car insurance myths that are full of bologna, but there is one that actually holds a little bit of truth (well, depending on the circumstances.) Have you ever heard that there’s a difference between the rates women pay for car insurance and the rates men pay for car insurance? Maybe you’ve wondered if that’s actually accurate. Maybe you’ve doubted that such a thing could be.

But here’s the truth of the matter:

Car insurance for women is often less expensive than car insurance for men.

There is a good amount of reasoning behind it – it’s not an arbitrary trend (because nothing in insurance is arbitrary.) And note that we say often. It’s not a rule that’s true for everyone everywhere. We’ll explain why car insurance for women might cost less than car insurance for men, and we’ll explain how you can get lower car insurance rates regardless of your gender.

Car insurance for men vs. car insurance for women

First off, we have an important disclaimer: many factors, not just gender, influence car insurance rates. The car you drive, your driving record, age, credit score, claims history, and marital status all play their part. So, keep that in the back of your mind as we proceed.

There are a number of reasons that car insurance for women might be less expensive:

The statistics:

Insurance companies love statistics and data. And when it comes to gender and driving, the stats do not favor men. That’s because men – and young men in particular – are more likely to take risks and cause accidents. And if you’re more likely to cause an accident, you’re a higher risk to an insurance company…which translates into higher rates.

However, if you’re a man who has been driving for a while and you have a clean driving record, you probably don’t have too much to worry about because you’ve proven yourself to be a safe driver. As we said, factors other than gender have a lot of weight when it comes to your rate.

The car:

Here’s the thing:

A man is more likely than a woman to drive a sporty, muscle car designed to go fast. The make and model of your car do affect your rates, so that could be one reason men might notice higher rates. If you drive a safe, sturdy vehicle, you probably don’t have to worry about your rates being overly high. So, the fact that car insurance for women is often less expensive than car insurance for men isn’t solely based on gender. It also has to do with the type of vehicle men and women typically drive.


Statistically, young men cause the greatest number of accidents among age and gender groups. (We’re talking about teenaged drivers and drivers in their 20s.) So, that’s why rates for young men will probably be higher than any other group.

However, young women also have higher rates than people who are older and have more experience behind the wheel. Usually, young drivers notice a decrease in their rates when they turn 25, assuming that they’ve kept a clean driving record. And that’s across the board, regardless of gender.

Risky behavior:

Statistics also show that men are also more likely to be risky drivers. They’re more likely to speed, less likely to wear seatbelts, and more likely to drink and drive. (This according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.) Men also simply drive more than women, and since driving in and of itself is a risk, that’s also a significant statistic. So, that’s another reason that car insurance for women can be less expensive than car insurance for men.

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Saving money on car insurance:

However, you don’t have to give up hope on getting low car insurance rates. There are many ways you can save money on car insurance, no matter your gender.

1. Drive safe.

Keeping a clean driving record can help you lower your rates. That means not causing accidents due to risky driving and not getting speeding tickets. The insurance company will see that you’re less of a risk and might give you a lower car insurance quote.

2. Raise your deductible.

Your deductible (the amount you have to pay in the event of a claim) impacts your premium. By selecting a higher deductible, you could get lower rates because you’re less likely to file a claim. Of course, you don’t want to go overboard. You have to consider how much you could comfortably afford to pay if you have a claim.

3. Discounts.

Don’t underestimate the power of discounts. Find out what discounts your company offers and see if you qualify for any additional savings. For example, many insurance companies offer a Good Student Discount for young drivers who have good grades in high school or college (and sometimes it even carries over after college.)

4. Bundle your home and auto insurance.

Some companies offer bundling discounts if you get both your home and auto insurance from them. If bundling works for you and it makes sense, you could consider taking advantage of that discount.

5. Drive a safe car.

Cars with safety features like anti-lock brakes and side airbags can help you get lower insurance rates. A safe, sensible vehicle will be less to insure than a sports car.

6. Don’t file minor claims.

The more small claims you file, the worse your premiums could get. That’s because you’re now more of a risk for the company to insure. It’s best to consider your deductible and pay for small claims out of pocket.

7. Shop.

To get the best price, you’ve got to do some shopping. It’s a good idea to compare coverages and prices about once a year to see if anyone has a better deal for the coverage you need.


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So, that’s the deal in the car insurance for women vs. car insurance for men debate. While gender is a factor in your premium, it is definitely not the only – or most important – one. The difference in rates between men and women has to do with many other factors, such as the type of car you drive, your driving record, and accident statistics. And it just so happens that those factors … sometimes don’t turn the situation in favor of men.

If you want to save money on your car insurance, let our team help. We can shop your rates to find the best coverage at the best price. And our priority is you, so we’ll take the time to understand your particular insurance situation. To get started with car insurance quotes, fill out our online form or give us a call today.