How does your roof affect your home insurance rates?

Most of the time you’re probably not too fixated on the roof over your head. It does its job – it keeps the water out and protects you from the cold, the heat, and storms. Perhaps you don’t give too much thought to it. But here’s the thing – your insurance company does. They’re actually very concerned with roofs.

So, therein lies the question (well, questions):

How does your roof affect your home insurance rates? Can your roof help you get a discount on your premium?

Well, guess what? We’re going to answer those questions.

How does your roof affect your home insurance rates?

Roofs are a little more complicated than your average umbrella.

Roofs came in all shapes and sizes – and they’re made of all sorts of materials. Certain materials are more resistant to wind and hail damage. Some are even fire-resistant. It’s important that your roof can protect your home from damage.

Why is your roof so important, you may ask?

Well, your roof takes the first hit in a hailstorm or windstorm. It’s going to take the biggest beating, which is why it’s important to consider ways you can maintain your roof. The stronger it is, the less damage it’s going to sustain. And your insurance company is very interested in anything that could minimize damage to your home.

Getting a new roof may help you get a discount on your home insurance.

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Can you get a discount because of your roof?

You might have heard a rumor that there are discounts on home insurance that have to do with roofing material. And there are roof-related discounts out there, but you have to check with your insurance company – they all offer their own discounts at different amounts.

We’ll explain a few potential discounts…

Material (Hail/Impact Resistant) or Metal Roof:

Some insurance companies will offer a discount for an impact-resistant roof. Certain materials, such as metal, hold up better against hail and wind.

New roof:

If you just got a new roof, you should reach out to your insurance company to see if they can offer you any sort of discount. Home improvements that increase the longevity, function, or structure of your home often qualify for some sort of discount.

If you’re considering getting a new roof, talk to your insurance company first to find out if there’s anything you need to know ahead of time. Might as well make sure the roof will pay for itself a little!


Insurance companies don’t like fire. If your roof is fire-resistant, it can help lessen the damage to your home caused by a fire. And that could help you get a discount. A fire-resistant discount might be a little less common than the impact one but still, if your roof is super cool and resists fire, it’s a good idea to ask your agent.

Those are just some of the possible discounts available. Be sure to do some research and see what your company offers by way of discounts.

Pro tip: Make sure you’re familiar with your roof – what it’s made of, how old it is, how many square feet it is, and the like. Those details could be important to your insurance.

The material your roof is made of can affect your home insurance rates.

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So, that’s why your roof is so important to your home insurance, and why you might have to answer a billion questions (don’t worry, we exaggerate – it’s more like a million) about it when you shop for insurance. It’s more than just a bunch of shingles smooshed together over your head. It plays an essential role in protecting your home.

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