Your tow truck insurance rates could increase at your renewal.

3 ways to prevent a major increase in your tow truck insurance renewal rate

You’re probably not the biggest fan of tow truck insurance. We get that – tow truck insurance can get complicated with all of the coverages out there. And, well, towing insurance isn’t exactly cheap. However, it’s a necessary thing. You can’t avoid your insurance renewal every year. Now, you might be dreading your renewal because your rates could go up. Or maybe you’re wondering what the big deal about your renewal is. Anyways, we’ll explain what a renewal is and give you three strategies to keep your insurance rates from skyrocketing.

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Check out our summer tow truck gear guide

2018 Summer Tow Truck Gear Guide

Summer is here, and it’s time for a busy towing season. Plenty of people need help with their cars as they’re traveling to and from their destinations. And you and your tow truck are going to come to the rescue. But in order for you to be a towing superhero, you need the right tow truck gear. Check out our summer gear guide so you can be prepared for summer towing.

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Summer brings some new risks for tow truck drivers.

10 tips for safe summer tow truck driving

Although summer doesn’t officially start until mid-June, the weather says otherwise. It definitely feels like summer out there, what with the high temperatures, humidity, and sunlight. You might be a fan of the warm weather or you might prefer the indoors, but either way, it’s important to be prepared for the dangers you’ll face as a tow truck driver during the summer. There are a bunch of new risks to contend with. So, how can you stay safe?

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Check out our tips for hiring tow truck drivers.

8 tips for hiring the best tow truck drivers

If you’re trying to grow your team by hiring new tow truck drivers, you’ve got to find people who will be a good fit for your business. You need a tow truck driver who will work well with your current team and who will be a good representative of your company. In short, you need to find the right person. But here’s the question – how do you find good tow truck drivers who will fit in well at your business?

Well, to help answer that question, here are our tips to help you hire great tow truck drivers for your business.

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Why you need to get a tow truck insurance quote

Why it’s important to get a tow truck insurance quote

As the owner of a towing company, you know that tow truck insurance is a must. You face a lot of risks, so you’re on a quest to get tow truck insurance to protect your business. Now the biggest question you have is…how much does tow truck insurance cost? You just want a quick answer, a ballpark.

But here’s the thing:

There isn’t really a “quick answer” to that question.

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It's important that you know what to do if you're involved in an accident while driving your tow truck.

What to do if you’re in a car accident while driving your tow truck

Tow truck driving is not necessarily the safest job out there. The road is a dangerous place. It’s not necessarily fun to think about, but you need to be prepared for what to do if you’re in a car crash. Your actions right after the wreck can make a big difference if it comes to a lawsuit. Besides, knowing what to do and being prepared can help you stay calm and handle the situation.

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Spending a lot of time on driver training can help you build a good reputation for your towing business.

How to build a good reputation for your towing business

When you work in a service industry, such as towing, it’s crucial that you establish a strong reputation. That reputation can go a long way towards generating more business for your towing company. By giving your clients a great towing experience, you can develop a good reputation and help your business thrive. Now, that might seem kind of impossible – most people don’t wake up in the morning saying, “Gee, I’d love to have to get my car towed today.” But with the following ten tips, you can give your clients the best possible towing experience.

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Getting good online reviews can help your business's reputation.

How to improve online reviews for your towing business

For small businesses, especially service-related businesses like towing operations, online reviews are worth their weight in gold. People look to reviews to make purchasing decisions and trust the word of online reviewers – for better or for worse. So, for you as a tower, it’s important to get great reviews. While it may seem silly and arbitrary to chase the approval of the worldwide web, it can make a big difference to your company by drumming up business and helping you develop a good reputation. So, we’ve got a few tips to help you score awesome reviews online.

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Why is auto liability insurance important

Why does my tow truck business need auto liability insurance?

There are many different types of tow truck insurance out there, and they can get a little confusing. One type of insurance that you need to know about as the owner of a towing or wrecker business is auto liability insurance. Now, you might have a few questions. What is auto liability insurance? Why does your tow truck business need it? How much does auto liability insurance cost?

Well, don’t worry – we’ll answer all of those questions.

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Prevent rear-end collisions by improving safety at your tow truck business.

How to prevent rear-end collisions and save on tow truck insurance

We’ve all passed accidents on the side of the road where a car has rear-ended the car in front of them. Smooshed hood, squashed back bumper. But if you’re driving a tow truck, rear-end collisions are often pretty serious.

And rear-end collisions also have had a major effect on tow truck insurance rates.


We’ll explain the prevalence of rear-end accidents, why they can affect the price of tow truck insurance, and steps you and your drivers can take to prevent rear-end collisions.

To start, we’re going to look at some numbers.

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