Marketing a tow truck business

An interview with Jared Fischgrund of OMG Tow Marketing

For a towing business to be successful, they need to have customers. But that still leaves the question – how do you get customers in the first place? Marketing. Since marketing is such an essential part of a towing business’s survival, we caught up with Jared Fischgrund, Tow Marketing Director for OMG Tow Marketing. OMG Tow Marketing is a marketing agency that specializes in helping towing businesses market their businesses. We had the chance to get his expert input on marketing a tow truck business.

Creating a plan for marketing a tow truck business.

When it comes to marketing a tow truck business, it’s important to have a plan. There needs to be some strategy, and owners of tow truck businesses need to familiarize themselves with the digital side of marketing their business. Our world is dependent on technology.

Fischgrund stressed the importance of having an online presence, bringing up platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and social media while also mentioning the importance of having a website and online reviews. “If they [customers] can’t find you, they can’t call you. And that means they’re going to call somebody else. Having a strong online presence…is vital for exposure for your business name.”

Understanding and being proactive with digital marketing is a major part of a marketing plan for a tow truck business. Potential customers won’t be able to find them unless they have a strong online presence. Fischgrund pointed out that everything is done on cell phones these days, making it essential for towing businesses to be where their customer base is going to find them.

Marketing platforms that towing businesses can use.

There are different ways a business can get its name out there online. Creating brand recognition in people who could become future customers can be a big part of successfully marketing a tow truck business.

“You have to get your name out there…no one wants to call the tow guy. No one wakes up wanting to have a tow issue,” Fischgrund pointed out, explaining that people typically aren’t committed or beholden to a specific tow company. “Being present in the online world, being great on Google, and having your name where people are looking – whether it’s through Facebook or Instagram or just on a search engine – that’s vital.”

Fischgrund went on to talk about the importance of continually updating and using these various platforms, whether it’s social media, a website, or reviews. It’s not just enough to do it once or create a website and then abandon it. Towing businesses have to be active online so they can keep up with their competitors, who are most likely taking advantage of these platforms.

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The importance of having a professional-looking website.

A big part of establishing and developing a strong online presence is to have a professional-looking website. Since people are constantly using technology, it makes sense that their logical solution to needing a tow truck would be to turn to a phone, tablet, or computer.

Fischgrund noted that many towing businesses don’t have a website at all, and he stressed the importance of having a website that’s well put-together. He cautioned that a free website – one that can be built online – may not be well-received by the entire process that is Google and digital marketing. Instead, he recommended a website that’s built professionally. “It doesn’t have to be a very expensive website,” he said, “but a professionally built website will suit [your] needs better.”

Images and pictures are another way that a towing website can stand out. “A guy with two trucks can make himself look like a million-dollar business if he has great pictures and it looks professional. In this day and age, whether it’s towing or not, people make decisions based on what they see, not what they read.” A website that looks outdated might turn people off, and that’s how a newer business with a more updated website and great visuals can look more professional than a business that’s been around a lot longer – and why the newer business might get the calls.

“Make someone want to stay on your page for a bit time, and there’s a good chance that they’ll probably call you,” Fischgrund said.

Social media and marketing a tow truck business.

The online world doesn’t end with having a great website. There’s an entire world out there in social media, and that can be an important part of marketing a tow truck business.

Facebook and Instagram are two relevant social media platforms for towing businesses to use, Fischgrund explained. People might not pull up Facebook if they’re in immediate need of a tow – they’re probably going to turn to Google – but they might recognize a towing business’s name in their Google search results if that business has been active on Facebook or social media. In turn, that might encourage them to call. It’s important to create name and brand recognition, and social media can help with that.

“People go on social media all day long,” Fischgrund said. “You have the opportunity to promote your name within your town or areas.” If a tow truck business is visible online and visible within the community, a potential client might be more likely to choose what’s familiar (a name they recognize) over what’s not. It can take continual exposure to a business’s brand for this to happen. “It’s about branding and seeing your name, and that’s certainly what social media can do.”

Fischgrund also noted that this isn’t limited to individuals. Businesses looking to set up a contract with a tow truck operation will also take to the computer or phone to seek out a tow business.

Getting online reviews.

Having a website isn’t the only thing a towing business can do to present a professional, positive image to potential customers. Online reviews are also an important thing to consider. People use online reviews to make buying decisions all the time, which is why it’s essential for towing businesses to have strong online reviews.

Fischgrund put it like this: “Are you going to choose a company with a 1.2-star review or a local business with 32 4.6-star reviews? Your eyes are going to gravitate towards the stronger reviews. It’s a great opportunity to make yourself look as good as you believe you are.”

Part of getting great online reviews is being professional while interacting with customers. To get positive reviews, a tow truck driver needs to be polite and deliver excellent customer service. If they’re not treating customers well, they can’t expect to get good online reviews – and having good reviews can attract more customers.

Working with a marketing agency.

Because the world of online marketing is constantly changing, it might be beneficial for a towing business to work with a marketing company that knows and understands the latest trends – for example, with Google and search engine optimization – instead of attempting to undertake their marketing themselves.

If a towing business does choose to work with a marketing company, such as OMG Tow Marketing, they need to be sure to hire someone who truly understands the towing industry and its unique challenges. It’s also advisable for the towing business to stay in contact with their marketing company and communicate with them regularly.

Fischgrund explained that OMG Tow Marketing offers a consultative approach, reaching out to their clients every two weeks to check in so that the towing business is aware of how the marketing company is working to help them. He also said that the team at OMG Tow Marketing is not only educated and informed about what they do, but they make a point to continue that education.

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Final words of advice.

Fischgrund believes that one of the biggest challenges of marketing a tow truck business is, quite simply, patience. “Marketing isn’t an overnight process, especially online,” he said. “It works differently in every market.”

While marketing might not be a quick process, it’s definitely a big piece of running a successful business. It might take a little determination and a little perseverance, but hopefully, time spent on marketing and creating an online presence will pay off in the long run.

Special thanks to Jared Fischgrund of OMG Tow Marketing for providing his insight into marketing a towing business. To find out more about OMG Tow Marketing, visit their website.