cargo insurance rates

How To Save on Cargo Insurance Rates

Cargo insurance protects the goods you transport, so if you suffer a loss such as theft, fire, crash, or collision that damages your shipment, you’ll be protected. Additionally, it’ll cover the expense of removing debris from roadways, which is beneficial because these costs can be quite high. Also, it’ll help with the funds needed to prevent additional damage to the cargo in question, as well as any legal defense costs that may arise.

As you can see, cargo insurance is a necessity. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a cheap expense. When shopping around for affordable cargo insurance, there are certain things you can do to save on your rates.

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bobtail insurance

What’s the Difference between Non-Trucking Liability and Bobtail Insurance?

Regardless of whether you’re an owner-operator or independent contractor, it’s critical to have adequate truck insurance. Despite the safety measures and training requirements you’ve put in place, operating a commercial motor vehicle is considered a high-risk profession. Therefore, you must take proactive measures to safeguard your trucking business.

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Long Distance Trucking

Tips for Long Distance Trucking

Truckers who deliver freight over long distances have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. They experience several challenges on the road besides just traffic and bad weather, many spend countless hours on the road leading to fatigue and various health problems. Not to mention, they may spend weeks at a time on the road which can be very lonesome.

To be a long-haul truck driver, you need the necessary skills and patience to succeed. Here are some helpful tips to survive long-distance trucking.

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flatbed drivers

Loading Safety Tips for Flatbed Drivers

All drivers should be properly trained to handle each kind of vehicle they drive; however, flatbed truck drivers have special safety concerns because of the open nature of the vehicle. Because flatbed trucks tend to carry larger, more irregularly shaped commodities and because there is little protection keeping the load stable, you should be placing extra emphasis on making sure flatbed loads are tied down and secure.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of load securement as well as some helpful tips for flatbed truck drivers.

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hot shot insurance

A Guide to Hot Shot Insurance Coverage

A hot shot truck is used to transport items that are too large to fit in a conventional semi truck. Animals, farming equipment, construction materials, and automobiles are examples of such items. Traditionally, this freight is transported over short distances and for individual clients.

If you wish to work in the hot shot transport industry, you’ve reached the right place! This article will go over the basics of hot shot insurance coverage. Let’s get started!

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Truck Insurance Filings

What to Know about Truck Insurance Filings

If you’re in the transportation business then you need to adhere to federal and state insurance requirements. The Surface Transportation Board and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are federal agencies that regulate and oversee interstate commerce. The purpose of these agencies is to prevent commercial motor vehicle crashes by enforcing safety regulations, improving information systems, and targeting high-risk drivers.

As I’m sure you know, truck-related crashes are occurring pretty frequently and they’re costing insurance carriers millions a year. This is the reason truck insurance rates have been rising astronomically over the past several decades. So, despite this, adequate insurance coverage is needed to protect your drivers, your business, and the general public.

In this article, we’ll discuss the requirements for state and federal insurance filings. Let’s get started!

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Interstate vs intrastate trucking

The Difference Between Intrastate vs. Interstate Trucking

If you have a trucking business, your vehicles cover a lot of ground. Sometimes that ground is within the borders of one state, or sometimes that ground takes truckers through multiple states (or even countries). So – with that in mind, there are a couple of words that are often tossed around in the trucking world: intrastate vs. interstate. What’s the difference? Aside from the definition, what differentiates an intrastate business from an interstate business? We’ll explain the differences between intrastate vs. interstate in trucking so you can choose the right trucking authority package for you.

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Reducing Workers Compensation Costs

Reducing Workers Compensation Costs at Your Trucking Business

Is your transportation business burdened by rising workers compensation costs? If so, you’re not alone. Others in the industry have attempted to reduce insurance costs and spending by controlling internal activities, but we have a different approach. Our five-step plan helps you establish a safety program that is both compliant with OSHA standards and designed to stimulate continuous improvement, helping you spend fewer workers comp dollars through a holistic approach that protects your bottom line.

So, without further ado, here are

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Commercial Auto Insurance Rates

4 Major Factors That Influence Commercial Auto Insurance Rates

Commercial auto insurance has a wide range of exposures, and several industry changes, as well as the severity and frequency of claims, have had a major impact on insurance carriers. In fact, many are struggling to maintain profitability in the commercial auto insurance market. As a direct result, they’re passing this burden onto their policyholders.

Even when hiring safe drivers and having a clean loss record, it’s not unusual for businesses to see year-over-year rate increases. Nevertheless, claims history is only one component, and several high-level trends impact commercial auto insurance rates.

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