InsuranceHub team members headed to MCIEF meeting in Orlando

At InsuranceHub, we believe in continuing education. Insurance is a constantly changing industry, and we like to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, technologies, and knowledge. There’s always something to learn about insurance, especially when it comes to transportation insurance. It’s a very specialized niche, and there’s always plenty to discover. That’s why we’ve got six team members – Lee LeBaigue, Ed Hemmer, Monica Lott, Chrisann Richards, Kristina Insley, and Robyn Roberts – headed to Orlando to attend the annual MCIEF (Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation) Conference! The MCIEF meeting is from Oct. 3 to Oct. 4, and our team is really looking forward to it.

What’s the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation?

The MCIEF is an organization whose primary goal is providing information, education, and training for insurance professionals who work with transportation businesses. The curriculum offered by the MCIEF places an emphasis on some of the specific challenges and aspects of the transportation industry – it covers topics like risk management, government regulation of trucking, the business management side of trucking companies, and insurance considerations for transportation.

The MCIEF website is host to numerous resources for motor carriers and insurance professionals alike. There are white papers and blog articles, and there are also online classes offered. (However, the MCIEF offers live classes as well.) It’s truly a gold mine of information for those who are involved in the transportation world and need to find out more about insurance concerns for truck businesses.

The MCIEF Annual Conference.

The MCIEF also hosts an annual conference, which is where we’re sending the six intrepid truck insurance agents mentioned above. Lee, Chrisann, Ed, Kristina, Monica, and Robyn will travel to Orlando to attend the conference, which features different sessions throughout the two days. Topics include things like worker’s comp/occupational accident insurance, Dataqs, ELDs, MC Financials, pollution coverage, and more. Our agents will have the opportunity to attend these various sessions and absorb the insight that the presenters will give. Essentially it’s two days packed with sessions about topics that are both current and relevant for truckers and insurance professionals alike.

The Annual Conference is significant because it gathers a large group of people dedicated to trucking and insurance – and trucking insurance – under one roof. There are going to be motor carriers, insurance carriers, and insurance agents in attendance. The great thing about the conference is that competing agencies and companies are all there to help each other with the goal of helping the public and helping truckers. Everyone’s there to learn and to share knowledge, all competition and rivalry put aside as everyone delves into this ever-changing and complex niche.

Why we do continuing education.

We’re very pleased that these six InsuranceHub team members have the opportunity to attend this MCIEF meeting! We look forward to hearing all about the conference and letting our team share what they learned. Continuing education is important to us, and that’s why we seek out opportunities like the MCIEF Annual Conference. We always want to be ahead of the curve, and we want to keep ourselves on our toes.

The reasoning is that we can take this knowledge and this insight to help our clients to the best of our ability. We don’t just want to have a surface-level understanding of how trucking businesses work or what transportation insurance coverages are. We want to dive deep and learn everything we can about it. That’s why our agents do continuing education and why we get excited to go to events like the MCIEF meeting.