7 tow business marketing mistakes to avoid

Creating a marketing strategy for any business can be tough. However, when you’re in the fast-paced world of towing, the business can be full of specific marketing pitfalls. Juggling advertising budgets and plans can be a stressful thought to add to the daily operations of managing dispatch, drivers’ jobs, customers, and more. So, maybe you’re not sure where to start marketing your towing company, but here are some tow business marketing mistakes to avoid.

7 tow business marketing mistakes to avoid

1. Only using truck wraps to advertise

There are tons of different ways to advertise these days. So, if you’re only taking advantage of your trucks’ prime real estate (which isn’t a bad idea to include in your advertising strategy), you’re missing out on a lot of other opportunities to get your business’s name out there. Create a website, look into web ads, and make sure your Google Business page is up to date. Those will be the quickest avenues for any potential clients to find you, so it’s something to think about in your tow business marketing strategy.

2. Creating a boring website

When you’re creating an online presence, the last thing you want to be is forgettable. There’s a wide variety of information on the internet and therefore a lot of competition from other tow truck companies. So, creating a bare-bones website, only using Facebook as your website, or even having no website at all is not an option if you want to grow.

These days, though, you don’t have to be a web developer to set up a professional-looking website. Online creation tools like Wordpress, Wix, and GoDaddy have a lot of different templates to choose from so that you can easily and consistently display your brand to attract more customers. Just make sure that your site doesn’t include a lot of distracting colors and patterns in its design and that it’s easy for potential clients to navigate.

3. Not spotlighting what makes you stand out

Blatantly state what makes your business better than the rest. If a client can choose from dozens of local tow truck operators, what makes you the one they should choose? Usually, your experience and unique business practices are what can make you stand out. However, depending on the type of contracts you want, your defining factor could be your lot size, specialty towing services, your own auto body shop, or certain certifications.

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4. Having a website that’s not mobile-friendly.

The desktop version of your site may look spectacular. However, people who need towing services are usually stuck on the side of the road. Even if they weren’t, a ton of people access the internet through their phone. So, making sure your towing website is mobile-friendly is just as important as having a webpage in the first place.

Make sure your site’s text is large enough to see on a small screen. Any links or buttons should be big enough for someone to press with a thumb instead of a mouse. Additionally, test the layout and format of your mobile site to see if it translates well to portable devices. Again, tools like Wordpress may already auto-adjust your website layout depending on the screen size of the device. So, make sure you’re using those types of tools to help you work smarter, not harder.

5. Not proofreading your content

Nothing can be more embarrassing than misspelling something that’s supposed to represent your business. So, before anything is posted on your website, a wrap, or a print advertisement, go through the wording and spelling with a fine-toothed comb. This goes for checking the website URL itself to reading through blogs and comments that you post. If you’re not the best at proofreading, use a tool like Grammarly to find spelling and grammatical errors before you broadcast to the world.

6. Failing to connect to your audience

Different contracts need different things for their respective purposes. So, tailor your content’s voice and/or keywords to the clients you want to see your company first. Detail your services and service area as specifically as possible, but don’t speak in technical jargon that clients might not understand.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is also going to play a big role in how you build your towing website and in your tow business marketing plan. However, the practice can sound a lot more intense than it is. SEO is basically how Google reads your website and how relevant it thinks your site is to certain search terms. To start making your site SEO-friendly, research keywords that your potential clients may search. Use Google’s “related search” section to come up with keywords if needed.

7. Not asking for online reviews

Word of mouth can make or break your business – literally. There are a handful of businesses that have never spent a dime on advertising because their services spread through word of mouth. With the power of internet, it’s quicker and easier than ever for customers to leave impressions of a business publicly through an online review.

So, if one of your clients had a positive experience, ask them to leave an online review. Leave a brief thank you comment for their time. If you spy any negative reviews, address it immediately and ask for their constructive feedback in a more private setting. Use your best customer service skills to resolve the issue as best you can.

These minor tow business marketing mishaps are the best things to avoid when trying to grow your towing business. All in all, your marketing strategy should reflect the types of advertisements and websites that you pay attention to. Taking note of others’ strategies can give you an idea of what is successful, what’s not, and what you need to include to succeed as a trustworthy business.

Another way to keep your business growing is to get the right tow truck insurance. Showing your clients that you have coverage that’s ready for anything can help portray your business as more dependable, proactive, and responsible than the competition. And with our professionals, tow truck insurance doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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