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commercial box truck insurance

Dec 1 2023


Insuring Your Fleet: Key Considerations for Commercial Box Truck Insurance

In the fast-paced world of box truck businesses, securing affordable commercial box truck insurance is more than a necessity—it’s a vital component of your business’s survival and growth. You’re juggling the demands of managing a fleet, ... Read More
septic truck driver

Nov 21 2023


Maximizing Profits: Advanced Strategies for the Septic Truck Driver

In the world of septic services, you, the septic truck driver, are the unsung hero. Your role goes beyond just driving; it involves meticulous planning, adhering to strict environmental regulations, and ensuring the safe and efficient ... Read More
Explore the critical importance of occupational insurance for trucking companies employing independent drivers.

Nov 17 2023


Why Occupational Insurance Matters for Trucking Companies Hiring Independent Drivers

As a trucking company, every day presents a new set of challenges and uncertainties, especially when it comes to the safety and well-being of your independent contractors. You’re not just managing a fleet; you’re supporting the ... Read More
garage liability insurance

Nov 10 2023


Avoiding Financial Pitfalls: How Garage Liability Insurance Can Save Your Dealership

Running a car dealership involves more than just selling vehicles; it’s about managing risks and safeguarding your business. We understand that amidst the hustle of sales, customer service, and operations, the thought of potential accidents or ... Read More
charter bus insurance requirements

Nov 3 2023


Charter Bus Insurance Requirements: Avoiding Common Pitfalls

As a charter bus driver, you navigate more than just roads — you traverse the complex landscape of legalities and liabilities. We at InsuranceHub recognize that the weight of understanding and adhering to charter bus insurance ... Read More
party bus insurance cost

Oct 27 2023


Factors Influencing Party Bus Insurance Cost: A Deep Dive

Starting a party bus business or even managing a single one for special occasions is an exciting venture. You get to be part of so many people’s special moments. But amidst the excitement and glamour, there’s ... Read More
dump truck financing

Oct 18 2023


Frequently Asked Questions about Dump Truck Financing

We get it. As a dump truck driver, the road to securing your vehicle isn’t just about navigating physical terrains; it’s about maneuvering through the challenging landscape of dump truck financing. Feeling cornered by interest rates, ... Read More
how to start hot shot trucking

Oct 13 2023


How to Start in Hot Shot Trucking: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

We get it. Starting a hot shot trucking business can feel like navigating a maze with endless turns and dead-ends. From securing the right insurance to understanding industry regulations, the road ahead can seem daunting. You’re ... Read More
party bus insurance

Oct 6 2023


The Ultimate Guide to Party Bus Insurance for Truck Drivers

We get it. Transitioning from the world of truck driving to running a party bus business can be exhilarating, but with it comes the looming shadow of potential liabilities. Ensuring the safety of revelers, dealing with ... Read More
what is motor truck cargo coverage

Sep 29 2023


What Is Motor Truck Cargo Coverage and Its Benefits?

Every driver, manager, and fleet owner has felt that sudden rush of panic at the thought of cargo damage or loss. It’s more than the value of the items; it’s the trust placed in you to ... Read More
starting a non cdl box truck business checklist

Sep 22 2023


The Comprehensive Checklist for Starting Your Own Non-CDL Box Truck Business

Starting a non-CDL box truck business can feel like navigating a maze. From permits and financing to insurance and operations, it seems like there’s an endless list of tasks—and potential pitfalls. If you’re finding yourself lost ... Read More
box truck business

Sep 14 2023


Top 10 Cities to Start a Box Truck Business: Market Research Revealed

Starting a box truck business? Your choice of city can be the pivotal decision between slogging through slow days and skyrocketing to success. We’ve put together a list of ten cities, each teeming with promise. Let’s ... Read More
dump truck training

Sep 8 2023


Proper Dump Truck Training: An Essential Guide for Safety

The dump truck, one of the most widely recognized vehicles in the construction and mining sectors, is indispensable for transporting large quantities of material. Yet, with its size and functionality comes responsibility. Proper training for dump ... Read More
occupational accident insurance

Aug 29 2023


The Importance of Occupational Accident Insurance for Truckers

In an industry as dynamic and risk-prone as trucking, occupational accident insurance stands as an essential safeguard for both trucking companies and individual truck drivers. A combination of long hours on the road, tight schedules, and ... Read More
septic truck

Aug 24 2023


Septic Truck Insurance: Protecting Your Investment and Business

Think of the unsung heroes of our sanitation world: septic trucks. These trucks serve a pivotal role in keeping our communities clean and hygienic. By transporting waste from septic tanks to treatment facilities, they ensure households ... Read More
truck driver health and wellness

Aug 17 2023


Truck Driver Health and Wellness: A Road to Safety

Being a truck driver isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle. Long hours on the road, irregular sleep patterns, and limited access to healthy food can take a toll on a truck driver’s health. But don’t ... Read More
what is dry van trucking

Aug 10 2023


What is Dry Van Trucking? A Comprehensive Guide for Truck Drivers

Dry van trucking might sound like some high-tech or complicated concept, but trust me, it’s pretty straightforward. It’s something many truck drivers are quite familiar with, even if they haven’t heard the term. So what’s it ... Read More
car transportation business

Aug 3 2023


Success Strategies for Your Car Transportation Business

Navigating a car transportation business towards the highway of success can seem like a challenge. But with the right strategy and execution, it’s achievable. The industry, worth a whopping $12 billion in 2022, according to IBISWorld, ... Read More
how to start a non cdl hot shot business

Jul 27 2023


How to Start a Non-CDL Hot Shot Business: A Comprehensive Guide

Hot shot trucking is an industry full of opportunity. If you’re seeking to start a non-CDL hot shot business, this guide is for you. Let’s delve into the key steps involved and vital tips to help ... Read More
motor truck cargo insurance cost

Jul 21 2023


Navigating the Cost of Motor Truck Cargo Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of trucking, moving goods from one point to another is a daily routine. While drivers and companies take every possible precaution to ensure the safe transport of cargo, unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, ... Read More
freight forwarder vs broker

Jul 13 2023


Freight Forwarder vs Broker: Navigating the Trucking Industry

When navigating the vast and intricate landscape of the logistics industry, the terms “freight forwarder” and “broker” often surface, leading many to question: freight forwarder vs broker – what’s the difference, and how does this relate ... Read More
how much does owner operator insurance cost

Jul 7 2023


Understanding the Cost of Truck Insurance for an Owner-Operator

As an owner-operator in the trucking industry, understanding the expenses involved like the cost of insurance is essential. Insurance rates can vary widely based on numerous factors. In this article, we’ll delve into what influences these ... Read More
reefer breakdown

Jun 29 2023


Essential Protection for Your Freight: Understanding Reefer Breakdown Coverage

In the vast universe of trucking and logistics, reefer trucks, short for refrigerated trucks, play a crucial role. These vehicles are equipped with refrigeration systems to maintain temperature-sensitive goods like food, pharmaceuticals, and certain chemicals. However, ... Read More
what is an owner operator

Jun 22 2023


What Is an Owner-Operator in the Trucking Industry?

An owner-operator is an individual who owns and operates their own business, typically within the transportation and logistics sector. In this context, the term often refers to truck drivers who own the vehicles they drive and ... Read More
short haul trucking

Jun 15 2023


Short-Haul Trucking: A Concise Guide to a Lucrative Career Path

First things first, let’s decipher the concept of short-haul trucking. Unlike long-distance trucking, which involves transporting goods over substantial distances, often across states or countries, short-haul trucking is all about shorter distances. This profession usually confines ... Read More
box truck contracts

Jun 8 2023


Securing Lucrative Box Truck Contracts: A Comprehensive Guide

Transportation is the center of the world’s economy, and box truck services constitute a vital part of this industry. As an independent operator, securing regular, lucrative box truck contracts is crucial for sustained success. This article ... Read More
straight truck

Jun 1 2023


Straight Truck Insurance: Your Ultimate Guide

A straight truck, also known as a box truck, is a versatile asset used in various businesses ranging from moving services to delivery operations. Its unique design, with the cab and bed integrated into one unit, ... Read More
what does ltl mean in trucking

May 25 2023


What Does LTL Mean in Trucking?

If you’re involved in the trucking and logistics sector, you’ve likely come across the acronym LTL. LTL stands for Less-Than-Truckload, a shipping mode that transports relatively small freight. Unlike Full Truckload (FTL) freight where a single ... Read More
livestock hauling

May 17 2023


Top Strategies for Livestock Hauling

Hauling livestock is one of the most difficult loads a trucker can deal with. Not only is it a challenge to keep the livestock healthy while in transit, but the load is constantly shifting without warning. ... Read More
how to get trucking contracts

May 11 2023


How to Get Trucking Contracts – A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to the trucking industry, securing profitable contracts can be the key to long-term success. These contracts provide stability, consistent revenue, and the opportunity for growth. However, winning trucking contracts requires a strategic approach ... Read More
flatbed trucking

May 5 2023


The Ultimate Guide to Flatbed Trucking for Aspiring Truckers

Flatbed trucking is one of the most challenging and rewarding forms of trucking. It involves transporting oversized or irregularly shaped cargo that cannot fit into traditional vans or semi-trucks. Flatbed truckers haul everything from heavy machinery, ... Read More
commercial truck camera systems

Apr 27 2023


Commercial Truck Camera Systems: A Crucial Investment for Safety and Insurance Claims

Safety should always be your main priority as a commercial truck driver. It’s essential not only for your safety but also for the well-being of other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at any ... Read More
how much does a semi truck cost

Apr 20 2023


How Much Does a Semi Truck Cost? Factors That Affect the Cost

Semi trucks, often known as tractor-trailers or big rigs, play an important role in the transportation business. They’re used for transporting commodities over large distances and are extremely vital. If you’re in the market for one, ... Read More
commercial truck insurance north Carolina

Apr 13 2023


Understanding Commercial Truck Insurance in North Carolina

As a commercial truck driver, you understand the importance of protecting your vehicle, cargo, and business. Accidents, theft, and other incidents can cause significant financial damage that can be difficult to recover from without the right ... Read More
truck driver cargo

Apr 6 2023


How to Properly Secure Your Cargo as a Truck Driver

Truck driving is a demanding and challenging job. One of the most important responsibilities of a truck driver is to ensure that their cargo arrives safely and on time. However, sometimes things can go wrong, and ... Read More
box truck commercial insurance

Mar 29 2023


Protecting Your Box Truck with Commercial Insurance

Box trucks are often utilized in commercial settings to transport a variety of goods, such as furniture and packages. As a business owner, you must safeguard your box truck with commercial insurance to ensure that you’re ... Read More
is a pick up truck a commercial vehicle

Mar 23 2023


Is a Pick Up Truck Considered a Commercial Vehicle?

There are several variables to consider when determining whether a pick up truck is a commercial vehicle or not. In this blog post, we’ll look at what constitutes a commercial vehicle, the distinctions between commercial and ... Read More
best commercial truck tires

Mar 10 2023


Why Investing in the Best Commercial Truck Tires Is Essential for Your Business

Commercial trucks are essential for moving goods throughout the country. Therefore, they require specific tires that can endure the weight of the vehicles and goods being hauled across long distances. Investing in high-quality commercial truck tires ... Read More
cost of dump truck insurance

Mar 6 2023

Business Insurance

What Affects the Cost of Dump Truck Insurance?

If you run a dump truck business, you’re aware that you need to have adequate insurance in place. Your business is your livelihood, so you must ensure that you’re properly protected. However, getting your dump trucks ... Read More
commercial truck insurance florida

Mar 2 2023


Commercial Truck Insurance in Florida: Factors that Drive Up Premiums

With thousands of commercial vehicles delivering goods throughout the state every day, Florida has one of the largest transportation sectors in the country. Commercial truck insurance is an important component of this industry since it protects ... Read More
deadhead trucking

Feb 23 2023


Deadhead Trucking: How to Minimize Empty Trailer Miles

Deadhead trucking is the action of operating a commercial truck with an empty trailer. This occurs when the driver is either returning to their origin or en route to a new location to pick up their ... Read More
commercial truck insurance questions

Feb 15 2023


The Top Questions Asked about Commercial Truck Insurance

As a truck driver or owner-operator, you must have the proper commercial truck insurance coverage in place. However, navigating the truck insurance realm can be rather difficult, especially if you’re new to the industry. To assist ... Read More
garbage truck driver

Feb 9 2023


The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Garbage Truck Driver

Operating a garbage truck is a challenging and unique job that necessitates a specific set of skills. For instance, you need to meet the physical requirements outlined by the DOT and possess a thorough understanding of ... Read More
hotshot trucking business plan

Feb 2 2023


The Ultimate Guide to Making a Hotshot Trucking Business Plan

Hotshot trucking is a rapidly growing industry that provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for individuals who wish to start their own business. Hotshot trucking involves hauling smaller loads and delivering them fast, usually within a day or ... Read More
commercial truck insurance Texas

Jan 26 2023


Choosing the Right Commercial Truck Insurance Policy in Texas

Having the appropriate insurance coverage in place is critical when operating a commercial truck in Texas. Insurance is not only a legal obligation, but it also provides financial protection in the event of damage or an ... Read More
truck driver accident

Jan 20 2023

Insurance Tips

Navigating the Aftermath of a Truck Driver Accident

Being a truck driver is a high-pressure job, and having to navigate an accident is among the most challenging aspects of it. As a diligent commercial driver, you must be prepared for the unexpected and know ... Read More
out of service

Jan 13 2023


Top 10 Vehicle and Driver Out of Service Orders in 2022

The FMCSA is responsible for conducting inspections of commercial motor vehicles and drivers to ensure that they remain compliant with regulations set forth by the federal government. If an inspection results in a serious violation, the ... Read More
hot shot business

Jan 5 2023


The Complete Guide to Starting a Hot Shot Business

Are you a truck driver looking to start your own hot shot business? In the transportation industry, having a hot shot company can be an incredibly rewarding experience if done correctly. It can also give you ... Read More
semi truck breakdown

Dec 29 2022


A Comprehensive Guide to Maintaining Your Semi Truck and Handling Breakdowns

As a truck driver, you rely on your vehicle to get the job done. Proper truck maintenance is crucial for ensuring your truck operates smoothly and safely, and it can also help extend the lifespan of ... Read More
short haul trucking

Dec 21 2022


Understanding Short Haul Trucking

Short haul trucking presents several advantages for experienced drivers. For instance, there’s the ability to plan around tight deadlines, stay close to home, and reduced operating costs. But you’re probably asking yourself, what is short haul ... Read More
how is your home insurance premium calculated

How is a home insurance premium calculated?

Aug 5, 2016

Everyone wants cheaper insurance for their home that provides the best coverage. How does an insurance company calculate your homeowner’s insurance rates? What makes one house more expensive to insure than another? The answer may surprise you. Here are some of … Read More

protect home from hurricane

How to protect your home from hurricanes

Aug 2, 2016

Did you know that hurricane season officially runs from June 1 through November 30 each year with the busiest time between mid-August and mid-September? What does that mean for you? It’s time to batten down the hatches! While Georgia has not had a … Read More

dangerous dog list

What is the dangerous dog list?

Jul 28, 2016

Our best advice for pet lovers is to call your insurance agent before buying your next dog. Why? Are you sitting down? Your insurance company might drop you if you select the wrong breed. Seriously. It’s the truth. This raises … Read More

renters insurance

What is renters insurance and what does it cover?

Jul 26, 2016

Renters insurance for apartment and home renters is the equivalent of  what home insurance is for a home owner. As you might already know, there are several forms of home insurance. Renters insurance is considered HO4 Contents Broad Form Insurance. The … Read More

college campus homeowners insurance

Will my homeowners policy cover my college students belongings?

Jul 21, 2016

It seems like just yesterday that your child started grade school and here they are now headed off to college university. You have always been there for your child. You have done your best to teach them the … Read More

Does my homeowners insurance cover flooding

Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Flooding?

Jul 19, 2016

Does my home insurance policy cover floods? Tens of thousands that suffered catastrophic consequences from Hurricane Sandy, Andrew, Katrina, and more recently Harvey learned the hard way that the answer is no. Many are surprised to learn … Read More

Safety tips for grills & barbecues

Jul 14, 2016

Just imagine the smell of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill this summer. Mmmmm….. Smell that? Nothing beats a good old fashioned cook out! Unfortunately, each year about 5,700 grill fires take place on patios and back yards just … Read More

apartment security system

Atlanta apartment security systems tips

Jul 12, 2016

If you are looking for a security system for your apartment or rented home, then listen closely. You already now the importance of having a monitored burglar alarm. Thieves will literally pass by your place to find an easier apartment … Read More

atlanta cleaning services tips

Top Atlanta cleaning services give cleaning tips for Georgia apartment renters & home owners

Jul 8, 2016

If you are a Georgia apartment renter or home owner looking for an Atlanta cleaning service or maid, then this article is definitely for you! You work hard. You play hard. You deserve help keeping your apartment neat & clean. Here at … Read More

what is insurance claim how to file

What is an insurance claim and how do I file one?

Jul 5, 2016

What is an insurance claim? We discussed in a recent article that no one expects disasters, emergencies or catastrophes. However, if the time comes that your home or possessions are damaged, destroyed, or stolen, it’s comforting to know … Read More

roof inspection

Roof inspections save you money

Jun 30, 2016

Did you know that roof inspections help you save on your homeowners insurance? As we have discussed on before, preventive maintenance is the key to protecting the investment of your house. Your roof can be compared … Read More

lightning storm

Protect your home from lightning damage and fires

Jun 28, 2016

Is there anything you can do to prevent lightning storm fires? Think back to when you were a kid. What did you do when you heard thunder and saw lightning fill up the sky? Hide under the covers? Run to your … Read More

Preventive maintenance is the key to lower home insurance rates

Jun 23, 2016

Ignoring these preventive maintenance tips is the same as just sitting back & watching your homeowners insurance skyrocket! Just as you need to eat healthy, take supplements and exercise regularly to maintain your health, their are certain things we all need … Read More

roofing contractor hail damage repairs

How to choose a roofing contractor for hail damage repairs

Jun 21, 2016

Don’t make these common mistakes when choosing a roofing company to repair your hail damaged roof Hail storms cause everyone to stick the car in the garage and grab the kids to run inside. Let’s face it, just one short hail … Read More

child proof home

How to child proof your home

Jun 16, 2016

Are your children at risk? If you are a parent and have children, then read closely to what we are about to discuss. Your children are precious to you and they mean everything.

Protecting your home from water damage

Jun 14, 2016

For the past 22 years, I’ve run Steamatic, a company that specializes in “insurance loss,” which is the clean up, rebuilding & remediation that happens after water damage, sewer back up, fires and mold. During that … Read More

monitored home fire alarm system

How to turn your security system into a home fire alarm system

Jun 9, 2016

Want to learn a trick to turn your burglar alarm into a fire alarm system? Before we tell you, you might be wondering why you would need a fire alarm system in your home. Here are a few fire … Read More

Will you fail the small business disaster preparation test?

Jun 2, 2016

As a business owner, you can’t always count on good luck. Or simply making a claim on your commercial property insurance coverage. Instead, you must manage your risk now. Recently, we talked about the importance of having … Read More

child fire safety

5 reasons to teach children not to play with fire

May 31, 2016

Fire has captured the imagination of men since the beginning of civilization. Combine that with the curiosity of a child and you have a deadly combination. How deadly? Between the years 2007 and 2011, an average of 7,100 home … Read More

How to setup an emergency disaster response and recovery plan

May 24, 2016

When it comes to disasters, 50% of small businesses are making the mistake of not having an emergency disaster response and recovery plan. Is your business guilty of making this mistake?  Did you know that each year thousands … Read More

social media mistakes

6 common social media mistakes to avoid when going on summer vacation

May 17, 2016

Ahhhhh… Vacation. Just saying the word “vacation” helps you to relax and to smile. However, here’s what you need to ask yourself and your family before your vacation: Is it a good idea to post on … Read More

Protect Your Jewelry From Thieves

May 10, 2016

Whether it’s an engagement ring, a wedding ring or a family heirloom, your jewelry is something that is personally important to you. It is more than just a ring or a bracelet. These important, and often valuable, … Read More

How to prevent slipping and tripping lawsuits

May 5, 2016

What can you do to avoid lawsuits from clients or employees tripping or slipping on site? Just as you take the time to do preventive maintenance on your car or home, it is imperative to perform … Read More

Prevent house fires from your wood stove with these safety tips

May 3, 2016

Are you using these proven safety tips with your wood stove to prevent house fires? Nothing is warmer and cozier than sitting in front of a wood burning stove or fire place. If you never had a … Read More

How To Avoid Employment Practices Lawsuits

Apr 28, 2016

Thousands of small business owners just like you open themselves up to lawsuits because of unlawful employment practices and hiring policies. Plain liability insurance may not be enough, which is why they make employment practices liability insurance.

Tips for fire extinguisher safety

Apr 26, 2016

Which fire extinguisher should I get? One of the best ways to protect your home from fire is to simply have a fire extinguisher on hand. This fact raises a few questions: What are the common fire extinguisher types … Read More

Controlling Liability Risks In Your Business

Apr 21, 2016

Liability insurance isn’t enough to protect your business. You must limit your business risks. What would you do if someone slipped, fell, and sued your company? Nobody wants to think about this situation, but lawsuits happen.  It comes down to this: … Read More

Should I Get An Apartment Security System?

Apr 19, 2016

We have discussed the importance of protecting your home with a security system & the cost benefits of a monitored alarm system. But what if you live in an apartment complex?  Do you feel that it is important … Read More

Helpful Tips On How To Protect Your Home From Burglary

Apr 14, 2016

Burglars look for easy homes to break into. How does your home stack up? Did you know that in 2013: 1,559,284 people were arrested for property crimes? Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $4.5 billion in property losses? … Read More

A Security System Could Help Save On Your Homeowners Insurance

Apr 12, 2016

Could a home security system or burglar alarm system help you save on your homeowners? The answer is yes and in a moment we will show you how you can start saving immediately. But first, just suppose you … Read More

4 Kinds Of Theft That Your Business Faces

Apr 8, 2016

Unfortunately, businesses face all different kinds of theft. How vulnerable are you? First, we will identify the 4 main types of theft affecting business today. Then, we will give a few suggestions on how to minimize your risk.

7 Tips To Reduce Employee Theft

Apr 5, 2016

Business owners want to think that their employees are honest and loyal They want to believe that their employees would never steal from them. But, that’s unfortunately not the case for many business owners.

18 Tips To Reduce Commercial Motor Vehicle Risks

Apr 1, 2016

Business car insurance can be expensive, which is why we are sharing these 18 tips to reduce your risk and liability as a business owner. It is important to do everything you reasonably can to hire safe … Read More

How Key Disability Insurance Can Save Your Business

Mar 29, 2016

Suppose your top producer had a terrible accident this very afternoon. Your best employee is hospitalized with broken bones all over their body. Their doctor demands 6 months bed rest and physical therapy. And, that is a best case scenario. … Read More

Understanding Information Technology & Why You Need To Manage Your Risks

Mar 25, 2016

How would you define information technology (IT)? One simple definition is that IT is the application of computers and telecommunications equipment to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data. Lets go even simpler. You can say it is a synonym for … Read More

Property Insurance Losses Not Covered In A Basic BOP

Mar 22, 2016

You already recognize the power of a good business property insurance policy. In our previous blog post concerning this topic, we discussed what losses were covered. In this post, we discuss causes of loss that aren’t normally covered. What isn’t covered … Read More

What Is Property Insurance & What Does It Cover?

Mar 18, 2016

Just suppose your business property was hit by: Lightning Fire Hurricane A Burglar An Embezzler What would you do? Hopefully, these things will never happen to your company, but an astute business owner however protects himself/herself and their company from … Read More

Key employee insurance can help your business if an important employee passed away.

Key Employee Insurance: What if an important employee died tonight?

Mar 15, 2016

What is key employee life insurance? Just suppose your CEO died tonight. Think about what would happen if your number 1 sales person passed away tomorrow. What would you do? First, think of the emotional pain. Second, think of the … Read More

6 Ways To Keep Business Premiums Down

Mar 11, 2016

If you looking for ways to lower your commercial insurance rates, then you are not alone. Nowadays, it seems like every business owner is trying to find ways to reduce costs and cut expenses. So, the $99,000 question … Read More

60% Of All Home Businesses Are In Danger

Mar 8, 2016

Will you make this common mistaken that 60% of all home business owners are making? Do you run a home business? Are you thinking of starting one? Read closely so you do not fall into the trap that 6 out … Read More