Call your insurance company to tell them about the car accident.

Will My Insurance Cover the Damages to My Car if I’m in an Accident?

We are in the middle of the ideal season for road trips with friends and family. But unfortunately, this is also the time when road accidents occur at an alarmingly increasing rate. Millions of car crashes happen around this time of the year in the U.S alone. The damage one can suffer to their car is downright overwhelming. This is why people say it never hurts to be prepared for everything in advance, even a crash. Undoubtedly the first question one may ask is, will my insurance cover the damages to my car if I’m in an accident?

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trampoline safety

Getting a Pool or Trampoline May Lead to Higher Homeowner’s Insurance Costs

When was the last time you reviewed your homeowner’s insurance policy?

If you haven’t for quite a while, now would be a good time to do it and find out whether your house has decreased or increased in value. In fact, it is one way to prepare you for the due property taxes.

Although you may have kept the coverage in place, it may increase your homeowner’s costs if you have made any purchases or upgrades such as trampoline or an aboveground pool.

Of course, the purchases seem like good additions and make your home more relaxing and livable; however, they often lead to higher homeowner’s insurance cost. This is perhaps the reason why experts emphasize on considering your insurance policy before adding these fun elements to your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about how home improvements may increase your homeowner’s insurance costs, keep on reading.

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house for rent

How to Put Your Property up for Rent in Atlanta

Most people consider Atlanta the main hub of the South because of its scenic and strategic location. The bustling city has rising numbers of workers and tourists, making it an attractive haven for many realtors and property investors to rent in Atlanta.

If you’re a property owner in the area, ensuring that your home quickly fills up or has occupants to prevent any interruption in rental income is essential. You can advertise or list your property yourself or hire a real estate agent to do the job.

Either way, knowing useful tips to put up your property for rent in Atlanta is important to succeed.
Here, we have listed some tips to help you prepare.

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It's important your towing business has a mobile-friendly website.

Why your towing business needs a mobile-friendly website – and how to fix it

It’s pretty apparent in today’s society that people rely on their smartphones. Forgetting a phone charger or not having Wi-Fi can really ruin someone’s day. But why does this dependence on smartphones matter to your towing business? Because of your website. If your towing business has a website, it needs to be mobile-friendly. We’ll explain why.

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Check out these business tips from two towing veterans

Top business tips from towing veterans

It’s no secret that towing isn’t exactly the easiest industry to get into. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to launch a successful tow truck business and keep it growing and thriving – there’s a lot that goes into running a successful towing business. We caught up with two towing veterans to ask for their advice on running a towing business – Bob Lantis of First Call Towing (based in Alabama) and Charles Hopper of Hoppers Tow and Recovery, LLC (based in Mississippi.) Check out what they had to say about running a towing business.

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Check out these pet safety tips.

Pet safety 101: How to pet-proof your home

Whether you’re thinking about adding to your family by bringing a puppy or kitten into your home or if you’ve already got a cat or dog, it’s essential that you make sure your home is pet-proof. Cats and dogs are very innovative, and while their antics can result in gut-clutching laughter, their curiosity and sneakiness can get the better of them. Making your home safe for your pet can help you avoid a disaster in which your fluffy friend gets into something they shouldn’t. Your pet is part of your family, and they’re counting on you to look after them. Check out the pet safety tips below.

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Tow truck insurance mistakes

Don’t make these 8 mistakes when buying tow truck insurance

There’s a lot to consider when you get tow truck insurance, and it can get a little overwhelming. When you’re getting insurance in a high-risk industry like towing, it’s crucial that you get the right coverage to protect your business, your drivers, and your trucks. Check out the following common tow truck insurance mistakes so you know what to look out for when you’re buying tow truck insurance.

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Check out our tips for hiring tow truck drivers.

8 tips for hiring the best tow truck drivers

If you’re trying to grow your team by hiring new tow truck drivers, you’ve got to find people who will be a good fit for your business. You need a tow truck driver who will work well with your current team and who will be a good representative of your company. In short, you need to find the right person. But here’s the question – how do you find good tow truck drivers who will fit in well at your business?

Well, to help answer that question, here are our tips to help you hire great tow truck drivers for your business.

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