at fault insurance coverage car wreck

Assigning Blame: Car Insurance Coverage if the Accident is Your Fault

Nobody is perfect. That is certainly the case when it comes to driving on the open road. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, the first thing you need to do is call 911. The police officers will show up, take a look at the scene, and probably assign blame the one or more of the parties involved. If the accident was your fault, is your insurance company going to pay to fix your car? The answer is that it depends.

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Teens and car insurance

What should teens know about car insurance?

There’s a really exhilarating feeling that comes along with getting a driver’s license and starting your career as a driver. However, there is something that doesn’t sound like as much fun as driving, and that’s car insurance. Sure, it might not seem to be the most thrilling thing, but it’s something that you as a teen driver need to know about. So, what is the real deal about auto insurance? What do you need to know? Here are seven things that teens should know about car insurance.

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Insuring a new car

Is insuring a new car more expensive?

If you’re getting a new car, congratulations! That’s exciting. You’re probably pretty happy. But you also might be concerned about how much it costs to insure a new car. You want to get a brand-new, latest model vehicle … but what is the price tag going to be like on the insurance? Does it cost more to insure a new car? There are a lot of things that play a part in your insurance rates. Here are a few things to know about insuring a new car.

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Driving around trucks

10 things you need to know about driving around trucks

If you’re on the highway or even cruising down city streets, you’re going to have to share the road with big trucks and buses. Being in a passenger vehicle, even a hefty SUV, you might feel a bit nervous when you’re in close proximity to a semi-truck, particularly if you’re traveling at highway speeds or you’re close to one that’s making a turn. That truck is a LOT bigger and heavier than your car. There are a few things you can do to be cautious while driving around trucks, the first of which is to be aware of the truck’s blind spots, long stopping distance, and limited maneuverability. Here are some tips for sharing the road with trucks.

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Auto roadside emergency kit

Putting together an auto roadside emergency kit

If you’ve got a car and you cruise around or commute, you never know when something could happen. Cars can be stubborn. They can break. Sometimes even the smallest thing can keep the car from cooperating – like a dead battery. And that’s where a little bit of preparation could go a long way. If you have a roadside emergency kit, you can get yourself back on track. Here are a few things you might want to keep in your roadside emergency kit.

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What is collision coverage?

Collision coverage: Will car insurance repair my car if I’m in an accident?

When it comes to car insurance, there are a lot of complicated coverages, terms, and questions to juggle. You might have a lot of questions concerning car insurance, and one of the big ones is this: will car insurance cover your vehicle if you’re in an accident? (Even, err, if you were at fault?) The answer depends on what coverages you carry, and there’s one in particular that we’ll discuss in relation to this scenario – collision coverage.

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family hanging out at home

10 things to pass time (and be productive) during coronavirus quarantine

Coronavirus has affected pretty much everyone. Businesses have closed, people are working from home, and a lot of people have been ordered to stay at home as the country is encouraged to social distance. Having to stay home in coronavirus quarantine can be hard, and it can be really difficult to feel at all productive or motivated in this uncertain time. If you’ve been left with hours upon hours to fill, here are a few ways you can pass the time while being productive.

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Buying a car

7 tips for buying a car

The moment you’ve been dreaming about has arrived. It’s time to buy a new set of wheels! You’re pretty excited to get your new ride, whether it’s a used car or a brand new vehicle. It’s going to be a great day, no matter if this is the first car you’re buying or not. So, though your plans are about to come to fruition, you’re still not quite sure where you want to start. There are a lot of steps involved, after all! Here are a few tips to help you out with your buying a car mission.

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College student car insurance

6 tips for getting college student car insurance

If you’re a college student, you’re learning to handle a lot of new experiences on your own. You’ve got a lot of freedom, but with that freedom comes a word that strikes fear into the hearts of even the most intrepid college students: adulting. It’s not easy to be a grown-up, and one thing that you might be dreading having to deal with is car insurance. There are a few things that it’s helpful to know when it comes to college student car insurance.

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