Why is a home inventory important for your home insurance?

Okay, we get it. Taking a home inventory is hardly an exciting way to spend a weekend. Walking around, writing things down on a clipboard…yeah, maybe not the most fun thing to do on a Saturday. But it is very important when it comes to your insurance. A home inventory is basically a list of all the items in your house. No one wants or asks for their home to be destroyed, but if the unthinkable happens and a fire or burglary strikes your house, you’ll be better off if you have a detailed list of everything you own.

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car break-in

What to do if someone breaks into your car

You decide to stop at the grocery store for some milk and eggs on your way home from work. You’re gone for maybe ten minutes, but by the time you wander out of the store and into the parking lot something terrible has happened. You squint as you approach your car—something looks funny about that window…

And just like that, your day, which has been great so far, isn’t very great anymore. Your car has been broken into. And you’re not alone, either. According to the Insurance Information Institute, almost 710,000 vehicles were reported stolen in 2015, and CNN reports that 1.85 million car thefts (break-ins) occur every year.

If this ever happens to you, there are a few things that you can do that will help the police and your insurance company help you. We’ve created a list of seven tips.

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What affects my tow truck insurance premium?

No two businesses are the same. This is especially true when it comes to tow trucks. Your business, whether it’s a tow-truck company or an auto shop, has its own fingerprint, and this fingerprint plays a large part in deciding what kind of insurance you need. And once you find the right coverage for you, there are lots of different factors that go into determining the cost of your insurance premium.

To take some of the mystery out of your insurance rates, here are some details about your business that will impact your premium:

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How can you prevent a car break-in?

Ah, what would we do without our cars? They’re faithful. Reliable (usually). An extension of ourselves. We spend hours upon hours in our cars—stuck in traffic, commuting to work, going grocery shopping, running errands, meeting friends. The amount of time we spend with our cars makes them become part of our personal space. We care about our cars.

So if someone were to ever break into your car, you’d feel violated. Betrayed. Unsafe. That car is your space. It belongs to you and it’s one of your best friends. It just happens to be a best friend that you’re required to leave unattended for hours at a time since you can’t exactly bring your car into the office or house with you. Someone breaking into your car and rifling through your belongings is as personal as if they broke into your home. It would be a nightmare.

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InsuranceHub winner of Best of Gwinnett awards

InsuranceHub among the ‘Best of Gwinnett’

We at InsuranceHub are honored to have been awarded the Best of Gwinnett Award from Gwinnett Magazine in three categories: Best Insurance Firm, Best Auto Insurance, and Best Homeowners Insurance. We’re absolutely delighted that we’re considered … Read More

Transportation safety for daycare

Transportation safety tips for daycare and childcare providers

Child care is full of challenges. There’s a lot that goes into running a daycare or childcare facility, and one of those things is getting the children where they need to go. It might be a bus bringing them from school to your center, or it might be taking them on a field trip to have some fun. Getting kids from Point A to Point B can be quite the ordeal—there are lots of potential risks associated with childcare transportation. Whatever the need for transportation or buses might be, there are a few important things to keep in mind to make the process as safe as possible. Just a few simple steps can significantly reduce the chances of something catastrophic happening. We’ve put together six transportation safety tips for daycare providers.

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How can Bright from the Start reviews affect your daycare coverage?

We don’t need to tell you how large a responsibility rests on your shoulders when it comes to taking care of other people’s children. Parents trust you with their kids, so it’s absolutely vital that your daycare or childcare facility is top notch and as safe as possible. This is where Bright from the Start, the Georgia agency that oversees early childhood education and childcare facilities, comes in.

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Playground safety tips for daycares

Kids run on unbelievable stores of energy. They love to run and play outside, thus the invention of the playground. Playgrounds are supposed to be a fun way for kids to get exercise, but they also present plenty of ways for kids to get hurt. If you run a daycare that has a playground, it’s important to make sure that the structures are as safe as possible—the kids’ parents are relying on you to keep their little ones out of harm’s way, and their concerns about outdoor play time aren’t unfounded. According to kidshealth.org, more than 200,000 children per year are taken to the ER because they got hurt on a playground. That number seems really big and scary, but we’ve put together seven playground safety tips to reduce the chances of bumps, bruises, cuts, and even broken bones.  

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breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you haven’t already seen an increase in the amount of pink you see each day, you will soon. Since the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month was founded in 1985, there’s been a definite rise in the public awareness of breast cancer.

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