How to build a good reputation for your towing business

When you work in a service industry, such as towing, it’s crucial that you establish a strong reputation. That reputation can go a long way towards generating more business for your towing company. By giving your clients a great towing experience, you can develop a good reputation and help your business thrive. Now, that might seem kind of impossible – most people don’t wake up in the morning saying, “Gee, I’d love to have to get my car towed today.” But with the following ten tips, you can give your clients the best possible towing experience.

1. Remember that the first impression is key.

Do your best to make a good first impression. Smile, greet the customer cheerfully and introduce yourself. And don’t forget the handshake. Ask how you can help and be polite.

2. Do your best to be on-time.

A customer who has been kept waiting longer than you said they’d have to will probably not be a happy customer. Be realistic when you estimate when you’ll be there and try to keep to that time. Of course, don’t speed or drive recklessly. Speeding is dangerous. Drive safe.

3. Be sympathetic.

Yes, the driver of the car might be really rude. They might complain or take out their frustration on you. It’s not easy, but try to keep your cool. Take a step back and remember that the customer is probably in the middle of a very bad morning and a very stressful mess involving their car. Don’t take any snide comments personally.

Remember, how would you want to be treated if it were you with the broken-down car? Try to stay positive and upbeat. Once the driver realizes you’re on their side, you’re here now, and you’ll get their car taken care of, they might calm down.

4. Maintain a neat, put-together appearance.

Yeah, towing gets messy. But it’s important that you maintain a neat appearance. Make sure your uniform is clean – maybe keep a spare in your truck so you can change if need be. Make sure your hands are clean, which no traces of oil or dirt from your last call. People respect and appreciate when professionals look put-together.

Providing excellent customer service can help you build a strong reputation for your towing company.

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5. Keep your cab ship-shape.

Be sure that your cab is tidy. You may have to give a customer a ride, and they will appreciate that your truck is neat and clean. Trash strewn everywhere doesn’t exactly make a great impression.

6. Communicate clearly.

Make sure that you’re communicating clearly with the driver. It’s important that they’re on the same page as you and that they understand the process of the tow. If there’s a problem with the car, make sure you’re explaining what the issue is.

7. Clearly display your ID.

Having your ID in a place where it’s clearly visible helps establish professionalism and authority.

8. Anticipate how you can make the customer’s day better.

The little things can make a difference. On hot summer days, what if you were to keep a cooler of water bottles for customers in your truck? It’s just a nice thing to do, and something that will be appreciated by the customer.

9. Have a good attitude.

Having a positive, can-do attitude about the job can make the entire experience easier for everyone – including you. We know it can be really hard to be upbeat all the time, but trying to keep a smile on your face and being optimistic can improve everyone’s day. Wouldn’t you rather deal with someone who’s good-natured than someone sullen and grouchy if you were in the driver’s shoes?

10. Deliver excellent customer service.

This might mean going above and beyond to help the driver, or it might just be showing genuine concern for their well-being. By being polite, respectful, positive, and helpful, you can ensure that the driver will think kindly of you and your business.

It's important that you build a good reputation for your towing business.

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Yes, it’s not always easy to deal with rude or ungrateful customers. But you can’t control their words and actions – you can only control yours. So, try out these ten tips to make your towing customers the happiest customers ever. Happy customers leave online reviews and tell their friends and family about their experiences, and all of that can translate into more clients for you and a great reputation for your business.

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