From the Desk of Jim Lloyd: The InsuranceHub Journey

When I look back on the insurance industry, I can’t help but notice how fast things are changing. Today’s insurance world isn’t the same as it was even fifteen years ago, and I think it’s those changes and my observations over the years that have inspired me to share my thoughts on our blog (that and my marketing director said I should.) I’ve been in the insurance and small business world for a long time – just don’t ask me how long! My business, InsuranceHub, has been on quite the journey since we’ve started, and to kick off this new section of our blog I thought I’d reflect on how we got to where we are.

Now, my company has been through a few iterations – we’ve been around since 1985, and we started really focusing on insurance when we became Lloyd Pro Group. Lloyd Pro Group was short for Lloyd Professional Group, but that was just a mouthful. Anyways, we were Lloyd Pro Group until 2015, when my team and I realized that the name sounded too stuffy. It wasn’t approachable – it wasn’t catchy. But what we had going for us was a company atmosphere that was more casual and more focused on insurance. So after a very short (yeah, not really) time of debating about rebranding, we became InsuranceHub.

A sunny morning at InsuranceHub.

Let me explain a bit about the name. Yes, I’ve walked around the office and heard my agents having to spell it out a few times over the phone – apparently Hub doesn’t come across too well over the phone. But we chose the name because I wanted to get my name off the company. Sure, it’s nice to have things named after you, but we needed something brand-able, and I just didn’t make the cut. We wanted to be able to evolve and expand into different states. While my name has an impact in the Gwinnett area of Georgia, that wasn’t going to do me a lot of good in, say, Texas. So, we chose InsuranceHub. Kind of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? And it has insurance in the name, which I’m told search engines like.

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But beyond what search engines think, we wanted to be more modern-sounding. Insurance is progressively shifting more and more towards technology, which InsuranceHub is on board with. Our goal with rebranding and strengthening our interest in technology is to be available through whatever channel our clients want to interact with. We don’t want to lose that human touch – we also want to be advisors – but we realize that people want to do everything on their phones. We’re not about to fight that. We know we would lose, and lose badly. But rebranding wasn’t the only thing on our minds.

Our new InsuranceHub home.

Along with rebranding, we recently moved into a 20,000-square foot office space in Lawrenceville, one that gives us plenty of room for growth. Seriously – we have lots of empty cubes, which you’d think would be sad but is actually kind of exciting! I’m excited about this time for InsuranceHub and I’m looking forward to where we’re going. We’ve adapted to a lot over the years and we’re still going strong. And that’s our plan for the future, too. We want to grow and develop lasting relationships with our clients. We want to be their trusted insurance partner, and I’m proud of my team for striving to do that every day.