How to get business insurance

If you’ve got a business, you know that you need to get business insurance to protect it. Anything can happen – we don’t know what’s going to happen in five minutes, let alone tomorrow. Being prepared is essential. That’s where business insurance comes in. But you might be wondering how to get business insurance in the first place. How does that work? What if you want to get multiple quotes for business insurance? Well, we can help explain.

1. Understand the coverages you might need.

The first step of the battle is to gather the intel you need. It’s really helpful to have a basic understanding of the coverages your business might need. That way you have an idea of what each coverage does. (Of course, you can discuss this all in more detail with one of our agents when you get your quotes.)

Anyways, here are a few coverages you may need to consider.

General liability: Can help if you have a claim of bodily injury or property damage. For example, if a guest slips and falls on your premises, they might get hurt. And then they might sue. Your GL coverage could help cover their medical bills and the legal expenses if they decide to sue.

Workers’ comp: Can help you if one of your employees gets hurt on the job. It can cover the employee’s medical bills and give them a portion of their lost wages if they need to take time off from work. So, if one of your workers falls down a flight of stairs and needs to go to the hospital, workers’ comp can be a big help.

Property: Property insurance can help protect your premises against losses like fire. Make sure you read through your policy carefully to see what losses are covered and which aren’t.

Business interruption: Business interruption can help your business if you have to close due to a covered loss by reimbursing you for lost income.

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These are just four of the main coverages you can consider when you get business insurance. You can also consider the following:

  • Cyber insurance
  • Employment practices liability insurance
  • Professional liability
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Crime coverage/Employee dishonesty
  • Commercial auto

The coverages you need depends on what kind of business you have and the risks you face. That’s why it’s important to talk to a trustworthy insurance agent. They can help you get the coverages you need for your business and the proper limits of coverage. Want to talk to one of our insurance agents? Great! Fill out this online form or message us on LiveChat to get in touch.

2. Get some business insurance quotes.

The next thing to do is to get started with some business insurance quotes. We understand that this might sound scary and complicated. It seems like it could be overwhelming. But we strive to make the insurance process as easy as possible. We’ll explain how our quoting process works, step by step, so you know what to expect when you reach out to our team to get business insurance.

You send us a quote form, message us, or call us.

There are different ways to get in touch with us because we want to make things as easy as possible. Whatever method of communication works best for you is fine by us! Just let us know that you’re looking for business insurance and we’re on the case.

One of our agents has a conversation with you.

One of our agents is going to reach out to have a chat with you about your business. We just need to ask some quick questions so that we can get you the right insurance – and the most accurate quotes possible. We want to be sure that we understand your business so that we can best assist you with your insurance.

We’ll get some quotes.

We work with a lot of insurance carriers, so we’ll get you a few quotes for your business insurance. That way you can look at different coverage options and rates. We’ll do all the work and bring the quotes back for you. Like we said, we want to make insurance as easy as possible.

We go over your options for you.

We’ll go over your insurance options with you and address any questions you might have. We’ll present your quotes and go over them with you so that you know what your choices are. From there, we’ll help you get everything finalized.

We’re here to help.

After that, we’re here to help with any of your insurance needs or concerns. You’re not on your own. We have an account management team that’s ready to help you with any questions, changes, and so on that have to do with your insurance.

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So, that’s how you get business insurance! It’s important that you have the coverage you need to protect the company you’ve built or are building. Talk to one of our insurance agents today and get started with your insurance.