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To Bundle, or Not to Bundle Your Insurance

If you’ve ever shopped around for insurance, you’ve likely been asked if you want to bundle your policies—in other words, combine your home or renters, auto, and life insurance policies with the same carrier. Although you have the option to shop around individually for each policy, it almost always makes sense to have the same carrier cover as many of your policies as possible.

In this article, we go over when it’s a good idea to bundle and when it’s not.

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Home Insurance Tips for a First-Time Homebuyer

If you’re a first-time homebuyer, selecting the most effective homeowners insurance policy can be challenging. You need to consider several factors depending on your location and the type of insurance you need.

professionals believe that having a home insurance policy is crucial for homeowners. It serves as a financial safety net in case of unexpected events.

Generally, the policy covers damage to the interior or exterior of a home. It can also protect you if someone gets injured on your property. If you’re looking for effective tips to save on your home insurance policy, you’ve come to the right place.

Insurance can be overwhelming, especially for a first-time homebuyer. Check out these tips to make your policy more affordable.

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Preparing Your Vehicle and Home for the Winter

Whether you reside in the Midwest or Northeast, you must know the winter drill. In these regions, you’ll experience below freezing temperatures on a daily basis during the winter. These areas have around three to four months of snowfall, unexpected storms, and below freezing temperatures. Beyond discomfort and inconvenience, the snowstorms and blizzards may cause some irreparable damage.

This is where timely winter preparedness comes into play. Protecting your home and car is important during the winter months. Remember that a frozen pipe can cause water damage in your home. Likewise, your vehicle needs the same attention as your home to face the worst of the winter.

Even if you don’t live in the Midwest or Northeast, you can still experience days below freezing and perhaps snowfall. Therefore, the necessary precautions should be taken to avoid any damages to your home or vehicle.

Here we break down a few practical tips to help you prepare your home and cars for the winter.

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Insurance Tips for Turkey Day

There are many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. But, nothing beats the celebration of Thanksgiving like a real oven-roasted turkey. This special day has always featured a home-roasted turkey, which goes at the center of the table for everyone to enjoy. But, if you’re willing to roast a turkey, make sure you take into account these home insurance tips for Turkey Day.

Why is that? Well, cooking fires are the worst on Thanksgiving day. Celebrating and cooking all day can be difficult for anyone to manage. If you’re making all the preparations yourself, you should take all of the precautions necessary.

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Do I Need to Let My Insurer Know When I Make Home Improvements?

Making home improvements can add to the value of your home. Most people inform their friends and family when they’re renovating; however, your insurance provider should be the first one to know about it. It’s vital to notify your home insurance agent about renovations you make that can impact your home’s value.

In this article we discuss why you need to tell your insurer about your home improvements and how it can affect your coverage.

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The Best Homeowners Insurance for Seniors

With the right homeowners insurance, seniors can have peace of mind and focus on the things that are important. These can include spending time with family or enjoying retirement.

But what’s the best home insurance for seniors?

This can be determined by having a sufficient understanding of coverage limits, options, and discount opportunities. The best policy will meet the unique needs and circumstances for each person. If you were wondering what the right homeowners insurance is for seniors, you’re in the right place.

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What Happens if My Home Insurance Lapses?

As a homeowner, your home insurance policy lapsing can mean bad news for your property. If your home faces damage during this period, your insurance company won’t compensate you. But how can a home insurance policy lapse in the first place? Even small reasons like failing to make a payment on time can cause your provider to drop the policy.

Luckily, handling a lapse in your insurance is relatively simple. All you need to do is pay your late bill and they should reinstate your coverage. However, that doesn’t mean that you should let your homeowners insurance lapse. While you can address the issue fairly easily, it’s risky and may have serious consequences.

We say that because if your policy lapses even for just one day, any damage done during that time won’t be covered. Also, a lapse in coverage will deem you high-risk, resulting in increased premiums. Therefore, learning what can cause a lapse in coverage and how to avoid one is crucial.

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What to Do After a Home Burglary

Burglaries can be a traumatizing experience for most people. In most cases, homeowners feel like they lost their sense of safety and they’re unsure what to do. It’s always best to have a game plan in case anything happens. Here’s a list of what you need to do if you find out your home’s been burglarized.

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valuable items

Tips for Protecting Valuable Items in Your Home

If you think your homeowners insurance policy covers all your valuables, you’re mistaken. Most policies exclude coverage for certain items or limit it. These limits are put in place to keep homeowners policies affordable.

These limits or exclusions typically apply to high end items that are stolen or damaged, such as jewelry, watches, art, purses, etc. For instance, most policies have a coverage amount of $1,000 or $1,500 for stolen jewelry. Therefore, if you have a piece of jewelry worth $2,000 stolen and your policy limit is $1,000, you’ll only receive that amount from your insurer to replace it.

Luckily for you, there’s an add-on that increases your coverage for valuable items. If you’re unsure if you need extra coverage for your valuables, here’s some tips to make an informed decision.

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2021 Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall’s an excellent time to do some home maintenance before the cold and snowy days arrive. After all, you’ll have a harder time making repairs during the colder months. This is especially true if you live in a region that experiences cold and harsh winters. Here’s a checklist comprising the most essential fall home maintenance tasks to complete before the winter weather arrives.

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