Help your teen driver develop good driving habits.

Keep your newly licensed teen driver safe when they get behind the wheel

It’s finally happened. Your teenager got their driver’s license, and they’re ready to roll. They’ve been waiting for this moment for years, and they’re ready to ditch you and cruise off into the world. They’re excited. You’re worried. It’s hard to think about your little one getting behind the wheel of a car, especially without you riding shotgun to shout “Stop!” and “Slow down!” at periodic intervals.

Whether your teen has their license or is about to get it, it’s your job to protect them and keep them safe. That’s what you’ve been doing since they were a baby, right? Maybe they don’t fit neatly in your arms like they used to, but they’re still your little one, and your priority is still their wellbeing.

There are a few things that you can do as their parent to keep your teen safe when they hit the road (other than making sure your teen is properly insured.) We’ll give you seven tips. 

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7 tips to protect your teen driver with auto insurance (without breaking the bank)

Have you been living in dread of your teenager’s sixteenth birthday? It’s a much-anticipated or much-feared day, depending on whether you’re the teenager or the parent. Many teens await their sixteenth birthdays with anticipation, looking forward to hitting the road. That driver’s license is a rite of passage. But when your teen driver gets that license, there’s something else they’re going to need (well, apart from a car). And that’s car insurance.

You might have heard that insurance rates are often higher for teens. That’s because teens often like to toe the line of risky behavior and they have little experience driving, which makes teaching your teen to be a safe driver – and insurance – even more important. We’ll tell you what you need to know about insuring a teen driver so that you can get them the coverage they need – without breaking the bank.

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Eight boating safety tips you need to know

Boating is a favorite spring and summer activity for lots of people. When the weather turns warm, the water beckons. While it’s important to make sure that your boat has the proper insurance, it’s also important to be safe. Despite the inherent danger of being around boats, you can reduce the risk of something bad happening by setting some “boating safety” rules for your passengers. When you’re around boats, you can’t be too careful.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you stay safe while you have fun on the boat.

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Eight things you need to know about boat insurance

It’s now officially spring, and spring means warmer weather. Warmer weather means finally taking the boat out of storage and going to the lake, right? As the temperature creeps upwards, it becomes more and more inviting to get out on the water. Swimming, tubing, picnics—all top-notch warm-weather fun. But before you set sail, you need to understand the essentials of boat insurance. 

If you have a boat, there are a few things you need to know to make sure that you have the right coverage for your watercraft. Like a lot of fun things, boats are dangerous. And that’s where insurance comes in. Below we’ve come up with the top eight things you need to know when it comes to insuring your boat.

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car break-in

What to do if someone breaks into your car

You decide to stop at the grocery store for some milk and eggs on your way home from work. You’re gone for maybe ten minutes, but by the time you wander out of the store and into the parking lot something terrible has happened. You squint as you approach your car—something looks funny about that window…

And just like that, your day, which has been great so far, isn’t very great anymore. Your car has been broken into. And you’re not alone, either. According to the Insurance Information Institute, almost 710,000 vehicles were reported stolen in 2015, and CNN reports that 1.85 million car thefts (break-ins) occur every year.

If this ever happens to you, there are a few things that you can do that will help the police and your insurance company help you. We’ve created a list of seven tips.

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How can you prevent a car break-in?

Ah, what would we do without our cars? They’re faithful. Reliable (usually). An extension of ourselves. We spend hours upon hours in our cars—stuck in traffic, commuting to work, going grocery shopping, running errands, meeting friends. The amount of time we spend with our cars makes them become part of our personal space. We care about our cars.

So if someone were to ever break into your car, you’d feel violated. Betrayed. Unsafe. That car is your space. It belongs to you and it’s one of your best friends. It just happens to be a best friend that you’re required to leave unattended for hours at a time since you can’t exactly bring your car into the office or house with you. Someone breaking into your car and rifling through your belongings is as personal as if they broke into your home. It would be a nightmare.

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