18 Tips To Reduce Commercial Motor Vehicle Risks

Business car insurance can be expensive, which is why we are sharing these 18 tips to reduce your risk and liability as a business owner.

It is important to do everything you reasonably can to hire safe drivers and support driving safety. Did you know that traffic accidents are the number one cause of on-the-job fatalities?

How would you feel if one of your employees died in an on-the-job driving collision. Imagine how you would feel if one of your work trucks with your name and phone number struck another car or pedestrian and someone died. Imagine being served with a lawsuit from this accident. What would you do?

This is where risk management from InsuranceHub can be helpful.

When you take the time to address potential problems before they happen, you can reduce the number of injuries and deaths and the potential liability lawsuits that may result from accidents in which employees were involved.

Here are 18 Tips to Reduce Commercial Motor Vehicle Risks

  1. Hire safe drivers. Make sure to check motor vehicle department records in any state where the person lives or previously lived or worked before allowing anyone to drive company vehicles. Do not make exceptions.
  2. Institute behavior modification training for employees with aggressive and hostile traits. Did you know that hostility and aggression are personality traits that may lead to accidents and road rage?

  3. Submit employees to personality profiling before hiring. Be wary of hostile and aggressive potential hires.
  4. Require employee drivers to report any off-duty accidents to the company. To double check employee-reported incidents, pull the motor vehicle records of your company drivers every year.
  5. Require all drivers to complete a defensive driver-training program.
  6. Make it a company policy that prohibits driving and drinking or driving and using certain prescribed or non-prescribed drugs.
  7. Institute random drug testing. What will you do if your employee tests positive for intoxication or substance abuse? Have a safety-oriented procedure for dealing with it immediately.
  8. Whether it is required by law or not, enforce a mandatory seatbelt policy for all drivers and passengers.
  9. Whether it is required by law or not, prohibit employees from talking on cell phones while driving. Make it a policy that employees pull off the road before talking on a cell phone.
  10. Setup a schedule to perform a safety inspection and maintenance program for all business vehicles.
  11. Celebrate all accident-free drivers in your workplace.
  12. Be sure that your work schedule doesn’t pressure drivers to speed or complete paperwork while driving. Is your work schedule reasonable?
  13. Keep vehicle use to 100% work only and limit non-business use of vehicles.
  14. Install a governor on all business vehicles so that your work vehicles don’t go over 55 mph.
  15. Setup a procedure for drivers to follow after any accident.
  16. Use accidents as a learning opportunity. Investigate the causes of all accidents and then use the findings in a training opportunity for all drivers.
  17. Install security systems, security gates and exterior lighting to prevent theft and vandalism of your work vehicles.

We hope these tips help you to limit your motor vehicle risks. If you want a fast & free quote for business car insurance, all you have to do is fill out our easy online form.