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Print and copy shops can be sued for negligence in performing their duties:

In fact, printers have been sued for:

  • Copyright infringement
  • Refusing to print things that go against their conscience
  • Printing mistakes
What would you do if you were hit with a liability suit for more than your current insurance covered?

Thankfully, here at InsuranceHub, we have experience helping print and copy shops just like yours. We understand the liabilities that come from printing newspapers, magazines, books, t-shirts, banners, postcards, envelopes, and letterheads for your clients and customers. Likewise, we understand the liabilities that are involved with printing and copying these things.

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We understand the risks of using heavy printing equipment, printing presses, copy machines, and the chemicals associated with these items.

Property exposure

If you store printing chemicals and paper in your shop, then you know there is a threat of fire damage. Make sure that all chemicals are stored in proper containers. Clean up all spills according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Fire, smoke, and water can damage costly printing and copying equipment and make rolls and reams of paper useless. Install monitored smoke detectors and fire suppressant systems. Don't allow smoking in your shop.

Professional exposure

Mistakes happen. So if your product comes out a little blurry or you make a mistake with a phone number, date, or price, or perhaps even miss a deadline, E&O insurance is there to protect you. Make sure you take the time to record, document and keep track of all sign offs and change requests.

Workers' compensation exposures

Biggest liabilities come from back sprains because of lifting heavy items. Teach proper lifting techniques. Teach ergonomic safety to avoid repetitive stress movements. Teach employees how to safely use printing inks, solvents, and chemicals to limit dangers of exposure. Provide personal protective equipment for your workers.

Environmental impairment exposure

How do you dispose of all inks and solvents so that you don't contaminate groundwater, soil, or air? Make sure you are sticking to local, state, and federal guidelines.

Premises liability exposure

Do you have clients coming to your shop daily? Make sure floors are clean of all spills and debris. Keep sidewalks and parking area clear of snow and ice. Make sure emergency lighting and exit signs are operational.

Crime exposures

Do you currently do background checks for all employees? Do you have a checklist system for handling money and reconciling bank statements? Are you doing annual audits?

Automobile exposures

Depending on whether your shop picks up your own supplies or delivers end products to customers, make sure you do DMV checks on all drivers before allowing them to pick up or drop off supplies or products.

Business interruption exposures

What would happen if your printing equipment went down for a day or two? How would it impact your business and affect your customers?

Inland marine exposure

Do you offer credit to your printing customers? Do you provide pick up and delivery service for all finished products? Take the time to keep copies of all records and original artwork off-site in case of disaster or loss.

Minimum recommended printing and copying business insurance coverages:
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Other printing and copying business insurance coverages to consider:

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