10 things to pass time (and be productive) during coronavirus quarantine

Coronavirus has affected pretty much everyone. Businesses have closed, people are working from home, and a lot of people have been ordered to stay at home as the country is encouraged to social distance. Having to stay home in coronavirus quarantine can be hard, and it can be really difficult to feel at all productive or motivated in this uncertain time. If you’ve been left with hours upon hours to fill, here are a few ways you can pass the time while being productive.

10 ways to pass the time and be productive during coronavirus quarantine.

1. Reach out to friends and family.

While everyone’s stuck at home, why not take the opportunity to call a family member or friend you haven’t talked to in a while? Sure you can text them, but it’s comforting to hear the voice of a loved one – or, even better, see their face, too! You can do video calls. They’ll be thrilled to hear from you. (And if you’re someone who hesitates to call people because you’re worried you’ll bother them, think about it this way – they’re probably going stir-crazy sitting at home and chances are you won’t be bothering them at all. They’ll welcome the conversation.)

It’s really important to stay connected to people during coronavirus quarantine. It can do wonders for your mental health. So, if you miss someone, call them up! Sure you might not be able to be with them, but cheer yourself up by hearing their voice. Have a chat, discuss what shows you’ve been watching, and just check in with each other.

2. Have craft-time.

Being creative is a great way to pass the time and give yourself a feeling of accomplishment. Do you know how to knit? Great! Always wanted to learn how to crochet? Do it. If you have kids, bring on the crayons, paints, markers, and colored pencils. (And here’s the key thing – parents can join in the fun! Don’t just leave it all for the kids. Draw with them. Doodle with them. Borrow one of their coloring books and pick a fun picture.) Find a creative outlet for yourself to make your brain work in a different way. Yes, stick figures are fine! Make up a character, start a comic, and let the kids help tell the story. Just have fun with it.

3. Play family games.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to play some family games. Whether you’re a card-playing family, a board game family, or a charades-loving family, get everyone together to have some fun. (Okay, if you have teenagers they may need some persuading to leave their rooms, but give it a go!) Give everyone a turn to choose a game they want to play, break out some snacks, and get everyone involved. (And, if you’re looking for something super crazy, try karaoke!)

PRO TIP: Are the kids getting bored? Have them work together to write a script and perform a play or show for you. They’ll have to rehearse, so that buys you some time if you have to get some work done.

4. Cooking or baking.

If you’ve got some time on your hands, you can look up some recipes and add a few dishes to your repertoire. Try something new. In the mood for a treat? Get some baking done. This is something you can do solo while blasting some music, but you can enlist your family members to help, too. Throw a mini-dinner party and have a culinary adventure. (Just remember: wash your hands all the time!)

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5. Exercise.

Maybe you were a gym-goer before the coronavirus quarantine happened, and you’re feeling a bit down because you can’t go to the gym like you used to. There are a lot of online fitness classes you can explore to stay active without having to leave your home. You don’t need a ton of fancy exercise equipment to spend some time working out. Even turning on some great music and having a dance party can be a great way to get moving and have fun at the same time. Exercise can really help clear your head and lift your spirits. Get creative and find a form of exercise that works for you.

6. Reading.

When you feel like you just want to curl up on the couch with some coffee and a blanket, try picking up a book and diving in. Mix it up a bit from watching shows and see if there’s a book that catches your attention. Bored with the books you have lying around the house? Buy an e-book and give that a try. (Yes, a lot of people prefer holding a “real” book, but in a pinch, it can’t hurt to try an e-book that seems interesting.)

7. Podcasts.

Maybe you’ve never tried to listen to podcasts, and maybe you’re not sure you’re a podcast person. Now’s the chance to give it a go! The great thing about podcasts is that there are a whole bunch of different genres. There’s comedy. There are educational shows on topics like history and science. There’s true crime. So, you can choose something that looks intriguing, or text friends to ask for recommendations. There are so many informative and interesting podcasts out there. And they serve as great discussion starters as you start conversations around the interesting tidbits you’ve discovered.

8. Meditation.

With the coronavirus quarantine comes a lot of spare time, and it’s important to check in with yourself to see how you’re feeling mental-health-wise. You can try some meditation to relax if you feel a little tense.

9. Crosswords/Puzzles.

Ask your brain to think a little differently by doing a puzzle (another great team-building activity for your family) or crossword. These are things that, again, can give you a sense of accomplishment as you make progress on your project. (There’s no rush with these things, either. You can take your time and work on them in 15-minute or half-hour chunks if you want.)

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