Women in trucking: How can you hire more women truck drivers?

The trucking industry has been facing a truck driver shortage, and some have proposed that hiring more women could be part of the solution to the problem. But despite the fact that there’s definitely room for more women in trucking, it can be difficult to persuade more women to become truck drivers. We’ll go over some of the obstacles that prevent women from entering the industry, and we’ll also go over some tips for truck companies to keep in mind if they want to hire more women.

Obstacles for women entering the trucking industry.

1. The fact that the industry is dominated by men.

So, as we mentioned above, there aren’t that many female truck drivers. Many believe that the industry is a male-dominated one, and that can hold women back from wanting to work in trucking. This could be such an issue that women don’t even realize that there’s room for them in the trucking world. It’s important to make women aware of the fact that there are career opportunities for them, and to let women know that they are welcome.

2. Safety.

Safety is a big concern for women. With long hours spent on the road, encountering unfamiliar places and people, safety could be a big thing that holds women back from becoming truckers. The truth is that, unfortunately, women are targets for stalking, assault, harassment, and violence. No women wants to feel that they’re in danger while they’re just trying to get on with their life, and no women wants to put up with harassment. If more women are to enter the trucking world, they need to be assured of their safety.

3. Hygiene and cleanliness.

This is a concern for women. The thing is that truck stops aren’t always the cleanest, nor are restroom facilities that are available to truck drivers. Of course, men don’t want to use nasty restrooms, either, but this is possibly a larger concern for women.

Hiring women in trucking

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Tips for hiring women in trucking.

If you’re wanting to encourage women to work for your truck business, you’ve got to be aware of these obstacles and respect them so that you can ameliorate these concerns. The goal is to create a welcoming, safe, and ideal workplace, one where women will feel comfortable and valued. Here are a few tips for hiring women in trucking.

1. Let women know that your business welcomes them.

This might require taking a critical look at your recruiting and advertising information, and even your website. Do these materials only picture men? Or do your job postings show an even split of men and women? How is the ad worded? If you need to, get the opinion of some women to see how the recruiting materials come across.

2. Give women an even playing field.

Women don’t want to be hired just so they can fill some sort of quota. They want to have an equal opportunity as everyone else so they can earn the job based on merit. They want to know that you believe they’ve got the right qualifications for the job. They don’t want to be hired just because they’re a women – they want to know they’ve earned the job fair and square.

3. Provide a workplace that’s appealing.

You’ve also got to have a workplace that appeals to women. Do you have a work environment that’s safe for everyone? Are you flexible with the routes you offer? Would you be able to have a woman train new recruits? Evaluate your business and show that you’ve committed to provided an ideal job and a positive company culture.

4. Make your workplace safe for women.

When it comes to safety, you’ve got to think about your workplace and make sure that it’s a harassment-free environment. But you’ve also got to think about other aspects of safety. One suggestion from a blog on the Women in Trucking Association website is providing self-defense training that can help women feel safer and more confident about striking out on the road. Show that you take the comfort and safety of your employees seriously.

5. Take advantage of technology.

Are there ways you can use technology to make the job easier? The prospect of operating a semi-truck can be daunting. Do you have automatic transmissions, hydraulic dollies, air brakes, and air ride seats? Let your women drivers have more time behind the wheel, not fighting with the truck to make it do what they want.

6. Have mentorship.

It’s also important that women feel they have mentorship and friendship at work. Can you pair new recruits with female drivers? This lets them know that there’s someone they can talk to.

7. Empower women.

Do you have female leaders within your company? Whether they’re drivers, managers, or dispatch, spotlight the women who make your company great. Let potential hires who are women know that they too could advance within the company.

About The Women in Trucking Association.

The Women in Trucking Association works to help women succeed in the transportation industry. They have lots of resources, educational materials, and even blog articles that can help you learn more about hiring, retaining, and empowering women in trucking. And no, you don’t have to be female to join!

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So, hiring more truckers who are women could be part of a solution to the truck driver shortage. There are plenty of women out there who could love a career in trucking – they just need to know that they’re welcome in the industry. Take some time to evaluate how you can make your business an appealing workplace for women.

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