Winter Weather Gear Guide for Tow Truck Drivers

It’s that time of year again for tow trucks to break out their winter weather gear. The roads are getting a little icier, a little dicier, and a lot more accident prone. So, it’s important when you’re coming to the rescue of a stranded or crashed vehicle that your tow truck is prepared for the special kinds of hazards you can face in winter weather. Check out our winter tow truck gear guide to keep your tow trucks and drivers safe in colder weather.

Winter weather tow truck gear

1. Howes 103060 “Diesel Treat” Diesel Conditioner & Anti-Gel

By: Howes

Howes diesel treat - Winter tow truck gear

If you’re driving in weather below 20˚F, you’ll need some anti-gel additives to keep your fuel tank from gelling or even freezing. In addition to keeping your tank clean, it can increase your fuel economy during the winter months.

2. Stiction Eliminator

By: Hot Shot’s Secret

Stiction Eliminator - Tow truck winter gear

Another great way to keep your trucks and business running smoothly throughout the winter months is to pay special attention to your oil systems. By using Stiction Eliminator before you replace your injectors, you’ll be able to get rid of the build-up that causes failing fuel injectors. Hot Shot’s formula has restored 90 percent of HEUI injectors, and can help prevent the black smoke, bucking, and chugging that happens on cold starts. It can also help:

  • Reduce the wear on your truck
  • Improve your truck’s power and compression
  • In some cases, replace engine oil for your vehicles

3. TransferFlow Tanks

By: Transfer Flow Premier American-Made Fuel Systems

Transfer Fuel Tank - Winter tow truck gear

When you’re towing in awful winter weather, getting stuck or stranded is not an option. This tank isn’t just for great for storing emergency fuel, but it’s also a way to upgrade your tow truck for long days and long trips. Plus, you can fill up your truck and your tank at gas stations with the prices to go even longer between top-offs.

4. Super Sealer Spill Kit

By: FlowStop

Super sealer spill kit - Tow truck winter gear

Flowstop has tons of hazmat solutions for various trucks, but their Super Sealers Spill Kit gives you a quick and easy way to contain spills that happen while you’re on the road. The small tools in this kit are still durable enough to handle flow control, flow containment, remediation, and give you a quick way to respond to a road spill. And so it makes our Winter Tow Truck Gear Guide.

5. Work King Waterproof/Breathable Safety Jacket and Overall

By: Zips

Work king safety jacket - Tow truck winter gear

Zips clothing is known for their safety and flexibility, and their winter gear adds a few more layers of protection. Both their insulated jackets and pants include more Scotchlite reflective material for higher visibility when the nights arrive a bit earlier. Their jackets, pants, and overalls are also waterproof and insulated with quilted polyester. Plus, the Work King Breathable Safety jacket allows you to wear the coat four ways, has a drop-tail back for extra jacket length, and rip and zip-away options for its sleeves and hard hat hood.

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6. Haltzgloves Nighttime Full Gloves


Nighttime gloves - Tow truck winter gear

These high visibility gloves are used by emergency responders and law enforcement officers when responding to low-visibility accidents. With the stopping capability for 1,250 linear feet, these gloves can make a great addition to your winter tow truck gear.

7. The Pumper Heavy Duty Industrial Paint Marker for Cold Weather & Rough Surfaces

By: Marking Pen Depot

Markers - Tow truck winter gear

If you have to mark your towed vehicles in the shop, or on the roadside, The Pumper Heavy Duty Paint Marker is going to be vital for keeping your writing where it needs to be during the winter months. These markers were tested in oil fields and can write on wet surfaces, oily surfaces, frozen and frosted surfaces, and rough surfaces. They also come in 11 UV resistant colors, are crush-proof, and can even be used underwater (you know, if your shop moves to Atlantis.)

8. Air Wedge and One-Hand Jack Combo

By: AccessTools

Air wedge - Tow truck winter gear

Responding to a client who’s locked out of their car can be a little more difficult when their door is frozen shut. Luckily, AccessTools’ Air Jack combo is a great way to provide a gentler solution to a tough problem. The One-Hand jack can create the space you need to insert the air jack between the frozen door seal with minimal damage to the customer vehicle. The air jack itself is made from ballistic nylon for easy insertion and for a flexible, yet rigid, pry tool.

9. US Fleet Tracking System

By: USFleetTracking

US Fleet Tracking - Tow truck winter gear

This fleet tracking system can be a great way to keep your drivers safe and monitor their road safety habits. Get live weather updates for any winter storms or harsh conditions your drivers may face, maintenance alerts for oil changes and tire rotations, and live traffic updates for more accurate ETAs.

You can also receive data on your drivers’ driving habits, including excessive idling and aggressive driving, to further promote a company safety culture, and maybe even save on your tow truck insurance. The service is computer and mobile-accessible with easy navigation so that you only look at the statistics you want when you want.

10. Firestone Grip Tires

By: Firestone

Firestone tires - Tow truck winter gear

Last but not least on our winter tow truck gear list, you’re going to want snow tires that go above and beyond the call of duty. Firestone is already a trusted brand for most of their vehicle solutions, so it’s no surprise that their commercial truck tires are designed for the heaviest of duties. Their snow tires have an open shoulder design built for mud and snow with a 26/32’ tread. Firestone has all different sizes for you to choose from and can sometimes have deals on the number of tires you buy.

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With a new season of hazards, it’s important to be prepared for all of the towing scenarios that clients can get into with the right winter tow truck gear.  If you make sure your drivers are safe and driving safely, you can save on your tow trucking insurance.

If you’re looking for lower prices on customized insurance for your business, call our insurance professionals. We can help you get customized quotes on the coverage you need, and help you find discounts on policies when you implement safety gear like some of the gear we’ve listed here. To get started, just fill out our online form or get in touch with an agent.