Will My Insurance Cover the Damages to My Car if I’m in an Accident?

We are in the middle of the ideal season for road trips with friends and family. But unfortunately, this is also the time when road accidents occur at an alarmingly increasing rate. Millions of car crashes happen around this time of the year in the U.S alone. The damage one can suffer to their car is downright overwhelming. This is why people say it never hurts to be prepared for everything in advance, even a crash. Undoubtedly the first question one may ask is, will my insurance cover the damages to my car if I’m in an accident?

Insurance Protection

Every insurance policy differs and the amount of coverage you have depends on what you accepted in the insurance policy. Let’s suppose you were at fault in the crash and have some liability coverage. In that case, it should cover the cost of damages the other driver suffered, but you might have to finance your own damages yourself.

However, if the other person was at fault and has no insurance, then your insurance policy must cover your damages with uninsured collision coverage of property damage.

What makes matters even tougher is that dealing with insurance companies is always challenging. The process of pursuing claims and approaching insurance adjusters individually is quite painstaking. While this is by no means to discourage you, the fact is that insurance adjusters only want to give low-value settlement. It is never their intention or purpose to give you absolute relief from accidents at all.

So does this mean you should enlist the help of an attorney? Let’s see below.

Attorney- Do You Need One?

The intensity of damage determines whether or not you need an attorney. If you have merely suffered some property damage and no injuries at all, then it was a minor collision. In this case, there really is no need for an attorney.

Nonetheless, the primary role of an attorney for personal injury is to ensure your aftermath after an accident is as smooth as possible. The aftermath usually consists of insurance claims, medical bills, and repair expenses.

Perhaps the consolation you can derive out of this is the fact that hiring an attorney in these situation is usually cost-free. In this regard only, people are somewhat fortunate because law firms generally have a contingency fee sponsoring them.

So whatever final settlement you get out of the whole scenario, your attorney gets some percentage of it as compensation for their role. This is also another incentive to make them fight harder for you, so that they get a bigger fee.

Summing Up

If you are ever to get in accident, here is what you should do:

  • Check for any injuries any party has suffered. If yes, then call 911 immediately.
  • Next, contact your insurance company ASAP.
  • Check for damage to your car. If it is severely damaged, contact a tow truck to lead it to a body shop.
  • Check to see which mechanics and tow companies the insurance agencies cover and contact them for cost-free towing.


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