Auto insurance rates may increase in 2018 in Georgia.

2018 Forecast: Auto insurance rates on the rise…again

The adage “success comes at a price” is particularly poignant when it affects a company AND its customers. Rising to the pinnacle of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) list of top insurance companies in the U.S.*, State Farm Insurance assures its customers that they are “more than just a policy number.” Unfortunately, in the face of a growing trend in costly car accidents and several wildly disastrous natural events such as hurricanes and wildfires in 2017, those policy numbers will likely see a hefty rate hike in 2018.

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You may want to consider raising your limits of auto insurance.

Why you might want more than the minimum limits of car insurance

How much car insurance is enough? That’s the question when you’re looking for auto insurance – particularly if you’re searching for auto insurance that won’t empty your bank account. Plenty of people assume that if they have enough insurance to legally get on the road, they’re good to go. Having insurance is required to be able to operate a vehicle on the road and each state has its own minimum limits for car insurance (the minimum limit meaning the smallest amount of insurance you can have to legally drive a vehicle.) But are those minimum levels really enough to protect you if you have a serious accident? Let’s discuss.

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