30 Summer Home Maintenance Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Season

Ah, summer is here. The temperatures are soaring, the rain is pounding, and the sun is blazing. It’s important that you take the time to maintain your home this summer and to prepare it for the extreme heat that you could be facing. Check out our ultimate checklist of summer home maintenance tips to help you give your home some care.

Indoor Summer Home Maintenance:

1. Do a test of your smoke detectors and your carbon monoxide detectors

  • Replace the batteries if needed.

2. Get your cooling system ready

  • Consider getting your air-conditioning system serviced. Proper air conditioner maintenance can help your AC last longer and prevent air conditioner fires. This one is especially important for summer home maintenance since you don’t want to be stuck without air conditioning.

3. Dust the ceiling fan blades and check that the fan is balanced and working properly

  • Attach a dryer sheet to a paint roller so you can reach easily and dust away.

4. Get your chimney cleaned

  • Yes, you might not use your fireplace again until fall or winter, but that’s exactly why this is the perfect time to call a chimney cleaning service. They won’t be as busy!

5. Clean or replace your showerheads

6. Clean bathroom drains and faucet traps

7. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans

  • If your fans spin counterclockwise, it’ll push the air straight down and keep your home nice and cool. To do this, turn off the fan, wait for it to stop, find the direction switch, and check that your fans are spinning counterclockwise.

8. Clean the baseboards of your home

  • Use a damp cloth and wipe away all the dust and grime.

9. Check your attic and basement

  • In your attic, look for signs of dampness, mildew, leaks, holes in the roof, and pests.
  • In the basement, check for leaks, pests, mold, and mildew.

10. Clean the vents of your bathroom fans

11. Clean the dryer vent and exhaust duct

  • Clean out all of the dust and lint trapped in the vent and exhaust duct. Call in a professional to clean and service your washer and dryer if needed. Dryers can be a fire hazard if they’re not cleaned and maintained.

12. Change the filter in the air conditioner

cleaning tips for homeowners

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Outdoor Summer Home Maintenance:

13. Clean your grill to prep for summer barbequing

  • Charcoal grills: Empty the grill and wipe away any dust or residue. Use hot water, dish soap, and a scrub brush or sponge to clean both the outside and inside of the grill. Be sure to let your grill dry off before using it next.
  • Gas grills: Close the lid, turn the heat up high, and let the grill cook for about half an hour. Let the grill cool. Use a grill brush to sweep the grill. Wipe down the outside with a sponge and cleaner. Then clean out all of the drip trays.

14. Wash down your porch

  • You should sweep the porch thoroughly, then wash it with a cleaner. Remove any embedded dirt by scrubbing with soap and water.

15. Give your deck a once-over 

  • Check your deck to see if there are any boards that look like they’re rotting. Have them replaced.
  • Hammer any nails that are loose.
  • You can also check if your deck needs to be resealed by pouring a little water on it. If the water beads into little puddles, you’re good. If it sinks into the wood, you should get your deck resealed against water.

16. Wash the windows

  • Why not? Clean windows are nice. Use warm water and soap to get those windows sparkling.

17. Wash or change your window screens

  • Use hot soapy water and a brush to gently wash your window screens.

18. Add a layer of mulch

  • If you have plants, the extra mulch will help fight off weeds and help your soil retain moisture during those scorching summer months.

19. Check for outdoor leaks

  • Go on a hunt for leaks by checking all outdoor faucets. Then look at your hose. You can waste a lot of water if there’s even a tiny hole in your hose. Use electrical tape to repair any small holes in your hose.

20. Check your outdoor play equipment

  • Make sure everything is still safe. Repair or replace anything that’s damaged or possibly hazardous and make sure that the structure is still sturdy and strong.

21. Protect your home against unwanted guests

  • Cover any holes that are more than a quarter-inch wide.
  • Get your tree branches trimmed back so they don’t create a highway for squirrels – a squirrel-way if you will – to your attic. Branches should be at least 8 feet from your roof.
  • Make sure your outdoor trash bins are tightly sealed to prevent a buffet for pests.
  • Do away with yard debris. Leaves and twigs are a haven for animals that might decide to invade your home.
  • Tend to your lawn frequently by mowing.

22. Clean out the gutters and downspouts

  • You should clean the gutters at least once a year, perhaps twice if you have a lot of trees around your home.

23. Inspect the caulking around the windows and doors of your home

  • You can keep ants and bugs at bay in the kitchen by adding fresh caulking to your windows and doors.

24. Consider having your driveway and walkway pressure washed

25. Repair cracks or holes in your driveway and front steps

26. Trim bushes and plants

  • Pay special attention to the area around the AC unit.

27. Touch up the paint on the outside of your home

28. Check your fence

  • Have it repainted, resealed, or repaired as needed.

29. Look at the outside of your house

  • Check for rotted, dirty, or loose siding.

30. Consider getting your roof inspected


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Summing Up

So, there you have it – our summer home maintenance tips. The above thirty tips will help you clean up and take care of your home this summer. If you’ve got some time over the summer, tend to your home. Preventive home maintenance can even help you save money on home insurance.

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