Planning the First Corporate Event after COVID-19? Special Event Insurance Protects Your Business and Your Guests

Yes! It is finally time to send out the invites for the first corporate event since your employees went into quarantine last year. You want it to be a huge success! Special Event Insurance is a low-cost investment that can reap huge rewards when you are faced with a wide range of uncertainties often associated with well-attended parties.

Protecting Your Bottom Line while Being a Generous Host

Everybody wants to have a great big party when it is safe to come together once again. That also means that your guests might be more likely to get into a fight, break some furniture, or make a poor choice at the bar. The added liability protection you get with Special Event Insurance means that even after the claims are paid out after the party, your business can carry on as usual. That translates into a yes from the board or management when you present your epic party proposal.

Extending Workplace Protections at a Remote Site

Did your risk management department worry about medical payments if somebody trips and falls at the company cookout? While your workers compensation insurance ensures that your employees are covered when hurt on the job, special event insurance can extend that courtesy when you take everyone out for a day at the amusement park or stadium. You won’t be left fighting it out with the venue and your regular carrier. Now you can truly take the day off and join in on the fun!

Host Liquor Liability Ensures that Everyone has a Great Time

In our litigious society, one of the greatest worries for hosts of corporate events is that they may be held responsible if somebody gets served one too many at the cash bar. Special event insurance adds a layer of protection with liquor liability for the host of the party. Should you be faced with a civil suit when the smoke clears, the insurance can defray the cost of the settlement and allow you to get back to business. Instead of spending the night checking IDs at the bar, you can feel free to let the bartenders and liquor service do their job while you raise a toast with your friends.

Fighting Back Against Mother Nature

Most company picnics rely on cloudless skies and warm temperatures to take advantage of the BBQ pit and baseball field. Think about adding a weather clause to your special event policy. Should you have to reschedule due to a downpour or pay a bill because the rental tent blew away, you can be reimbursed for the added costs. For a small upfront fee, you can keep the party budget on track. That opens doors to make plans for next year!

After you book the venue for your corporate event, give InsuranceHub a call to add Special Event Insurance. You get peace of mind and your shareholders enjoy a better return on their investment.

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