How to prevent slipping and tripping lawsuits

What can you do to avoid lawsuits from clients or employees tripping or slipping on site?

Just as you take the time to do preventive maintenance on your car or home, it is imperative to perform preventive maintenance on every aspect of your business. By taking time to implement policies and preventive measures now you will avoid liability lawsuits later on.

In other words, do not rely solely on liability coverage; instead, mange your risk.


The big 3 areas of concern for most businesses are:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Did you ever slip and fall? It happens in a micro second. If you have slipped and fallen, then that means that your customers can do the same. In fact, this is one of the most common liability risks. Did you know that thousands of people are injured each year by slipping and falling on business premises just like yours?

What can you do? Train your employees!

  • Train and empower employees to either report or clean up all spills and tripping hazards
  • Train them what to do when someone falls.
  • Train them to take a caring personal interest in others
  • Alert and contact management about the fall
  • Call an ambulance if required


 Preventive measures to eliminate slippage, tripping and falling indoors

  • Housekeeping: Who is responsible for housekeeping? If you don’t have someone on staff, hire an outside company to keep things neat and clean to prevent tripping..
  • Carpeting: Do you have carpeting? make sure there are no tears, open seams or sags that could be a tripping hazard.
  • Floors: Do you have different floor elevations? Make sure all changes in floor level are clearly marked with yellow so they are easily seen.
  • Doormats: Are your door mats lying flat? Are they slip resistant?
  • Spills: Do you have a standard procedure so that all spills are cleaned up immediately?
  • Lighting: Are all areas well lit? Is there adequate lighting in the hallways and stairs?
  • Exits: Are the exits well marked and lit? Test emergency exit lighting every few months. Make sure that all exits remain unobstructed.
  • Stairs: Keep stairways and stair wells clear of debris. make sure handrails are securely fastened.

How to minimize tripping and slipping outdoors

  • Walkways: Are all cracks and seams repaired? Is the walkway in good condition?
  • Lighting: Is there sufficient lighting for clients walking to or from your business?
  • Parking lot: It only takes one pothole, crack or uneven area to cause someone to fall and sue you. Repair them immediately.
  • Ice and snow: Do you have a service to remove ice and snow? Do they spread salt and sand to prevent slipping? What is your plan?

In conclusion, it takes work to take preventive measures to minimize slipping, tripping and falling. However, the payoff will be:

  • A safer work environment
  • Happy customers and workers
  • Lower liability insurance rates
  • Fewer lawsuits

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