Liquor Liability Insurance

Why do you need liquor liability insurance?

Sample scenario: You unknowingly served an intoxicated patron drinking at your restaurant, bar, nightclub, or tavern. After leaving your establishment, they get in their car and drive away. Imagine that moments later, they strike & kill a little girl innocently crossing the street.

Since the driver was over-served at your bar, you could be held liable.

What would you do?

liquor liability insurance

What is liquor liability insurance?

Any business that sells or serves alcoholic beverages opens itself up to liability for damages or injuries caused by customers that drank too much.

This can include:

  • Automobile accidents
  • Manslaughter
  • Fights that break out at your establishment
  • Reckless or careless behavior

These policies can be added to your general liability coverage. Talk to your business insurance agent here at InsuranceHub to invest in this as a stand-alone coverage or as a business policy endorsement.

Why do I need liquor liability insurance?

First, realize that most states require by law that you carry liquor liability policy if you sell or serve alcohol. But what if it is not legally required in my state? Since your business could be hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit for serving an intoxicated patron, doesn't it make sense to protect everything you have worked for before you have a problem?

Sadly, your alternative would be to close your doors if you ever faced a liability lawsuit.

Think about being held responsible for injuries and damages that result from a customer that drank too much at your business. Liability claims based on damages or injuries caused by an intoxicated patron can be expensive, very expensive.

Can you see why if your business serves alcohol it is absolutely essential to protect your interests with a liquor liability policy? That raises the question: what is liquor liability insurance?

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What does a liquor liability insurance policy cover?

Remember this one thing: even if your business is vindicated and the lawsuit is dropped, your business could rack up big expenses for:

  • Attorney fees
  • Court costs
  • Civil or criminal damages awarded

Thankfully, liquor liability insurance covers these expenses. Remember to be sure that assault and battery protection is also included in your liquor liability coverage.

A liquor liability insurance policy will come in handy for two reasons:

  • If there is a drunken brawl at your establishment, you could be protected.
  • If a bouncer hurts someone while escorting them out of your place of business, you could be protected. (Don't be surprised if an intoxicated patron sues for being manhandled while being escorted out.)

Be proactive in managing your risks.

  • Did you know that 2 out of 3 alcohol sellers don't properly check IDs?

  • Did you know that 18% of college students admit to having used fake IDs to buy alcohol?

  • Have you trained your employees to spot and report fake IDs?

  • Have you trained your employees to refuse to serve intoxicated customers?

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