An insurance look: Tanker truck carrying milk crashes in Texas

If you’re in the trucking industry, the possibility of having an accident is probably a very real fear. Crazy things happen on the road all the time, and driving a truck is not easy. In the course of a split second, what started out as a normal drive can take a horrible (metaphorical) turn and become a bit of a disaster. We’re going to explore one such story. It involves a tanker truck and some milk.

What happened?

On the night of April 2nd in Grand Prairie, Texas, a tanker truck carrying a lot of milk crashed and careened across the road. The truck was severely damaged, though the driver, fortunately, received only minor injuries and was released quickly from the hospital. The driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel of the tanker truck and will face a charge of failure to maintain proper control of a vehicle.

What questions do we have about what happened?

There are a few questions that come up for us when we read news stories like this one. We can’t help but step back and ask questions that are pertinent from an insurance angle. It’s kind of a habit.

So, here are the questions that we’re curious about when reading about the milk tanker truck that crashed:

  • Who owns the truck and trailer?

The first question we have is who owns the truck and trailer and what insurance coverages they have for the big rig. Who owns what and who has the insurance for what? Is the driver operating under their own authority? (Sorry, that was more like three questions in one.)

  • Was there environmental damage?

Our next question is whether there was any environmental damage and who would be liable for the costs of cleaning it up. When an accident like this happens, someone has to be responsible for taking care of the environment and fixing everything up. (Which can be expensive.)

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  • Was there workers’ comp or occupational accident insurance for the driver?

Thankfully, the driver was not seriously injured. But still, we have to wonder if there was any coverage (workers’ comp or occupational accident) to help with the costs of their medical bills. Hopefully, there’s some sort of insurance to help them come back from the accident, get the care they need, and so on.

  • Was anyone else hurt in the accident?

The next question is whether anyone else was hurt in the accident. From video footage of the accident, we can gather that there was significant property damage, but were there any injuries caused by the accident? If so, there could be legal responsibility for their medical bills and pain and suffering.

What insurance coverages would be helpful?

It’s extremely important to have the right truck insurance coverages and enough insurance to cover the costs of a serious accident. Here are some of the coverages that could be helpful in the event of this sort of wreck:

  • Physical damage insurance.

Physical damage insurance is the coverage that can get your truck back on the road ASAP if it’s damaged. Collision coverage helps cover losses resulting from, well, a collision, either with another vehicle or something else. Comprehensive coverage helps repair damage resulting from losses like fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, and animal strikes. Since liability insurance does not protect the truck itself, it’s important to consider physical damage insurance.

  • Pollution insurance.

Pollution insurance can help a trucker cover their legal obligation to clean up the environment following an accident. These expenses can become very high very quickly, so pollution insurance is definitely something to think about. It’s a way for truckers to make sure they’re covered for the potential environmental fallout from an accident.

  • Liability insurance.

Liability insurance helps cover a trucker’s legal obligation to the other driver if they are involved in an accident and they’re at fault. (Remember, this coverage does not cover the truck of the truck driver if they’re at fault.) It can also help cover the costs of a lawsuit and legal expenses if the other driver sues.

Bodily injury liability helps cover expenses like the medical bills and pain and suffering of the other driver involved in the accident.

Property damage insurance helps cover the damage to the other driver’s car – or other property that could have been damaged.

  • Worker’s compensation.

Workers’ compensation is an important coverage because it helps a business help their employees if they are injured on the job. If an employee suffers a workplace or work-related injury, worker’s comp helps cover the costs of their medical bills. It can also help cover a portion of the wages that the employee lost because they were unable to work. It’s a way to make sure that employees can get the medical care they need to get better and be able to pay their bills while they’re not able to work.

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Accidents happen. It’s important to be prepared for them by having the right insurance coverage – and enough coverage to take care of the expenses arising from a serious accident. We’re glad that the driver of the tanker truck was not seriously injured in the wreck.

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