8 tips you need to know for your towing website’s homepage

https://ducttapemarketing.com/homepage-optimization/So, the goal of having a website for a tow truck business is to get people to visit it…right? You want people to find your site and decide that you’re the best towing business around – that’s called marketing your tow truck business. And to do that, you need to get Google to like your homepage. Now, no one knows exactly what Google’s “secret formula” is, but there are a few best practices that you can use for the homepage of your tow business website. Check out these tips.

8 tips you need to know for your towing website’s homepage

1. Make sure the site speed is good.

Your site needs to load quickly and have a strong site speed. If it doesn’t, people are going to bounce. Make sure that your website loads quickly, including the homepage.

2. Include important keywords about your tow truck business.

Google is going to look at your website and “crawl” it to see what you’re talking about and how valuable it is. You need to include important keywords and variations on those keywords on your homepage. Since you’re in the towing world, you’ll want to make sure you’re talking about things relevant to towing – for example, tow truck in Atlanta or 24 hour towing in Charleston (if you do 24 hour towing, of course.) This tells Google what your website is about so people searching can find it.

Also, make sure that you include information about why your towing business is different than your competition. Let your customers know what you do and what your goals are. Tell your audience about what sets your business apart.

3. Make your contact info easy to find.

Don’t hide your contact information in an obscure place. Have it in an easy-to-find spot on your home page so that people can actually call you. Not only will this allow your potential customers to easily get your phone number, it can also help you on the search engine front. (Meaning search engines might like you more.)

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4. Have HTTPS in your URL instead of HTTP.

Having HTTPS means that your website is secure and has a security certificate. And people like secure websites – as do search engines. (Ever noticed how Google Chrome has that red rectangle next to the URL with “NOT SECURE” if a website doesn’t have a security certificate?) If the website for your tow business isn’t using HTTPS, get that switched over. Usually, it’s not too hard to get your web hosting platform to do that.

5. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly.

It’s also important for your website (and its homepage) to be mobile-friendly. It needs to load quickly on a mobile platform, and it needs to look good. It’s got to be easy to use on a phone. If someone’s looking for a tow truck business and they’re on the side of the road, you’d better believe they’re not going to put up with a website that doesn’t load fast or provide a good experience on mobile. They’ll bounce and choose a different website.

6. Include keywords in your H1 tag.

The H1 tag is the header at the top of the page. Google will look at the tags and headers on your page, so make sure you’re including keywords in those tags. To give your tow business’s website an edge, you’ve got to think about those little details.

7. Use Alt text for photos and logos.

Alt text describes the images that you use. Include relevant keywords and information in the Alt text for your pictures and your logos to let Google know what your business is all about.

8. Consider your homepage’s meta description.

When you Google something, there’s the name of the website and then a description under it. That’s called the meta description. You’ve got to use that meta description to your advantage by, again, using relevant keywords about towing, the services you provide, your location, and so on. You’re trying to give people an idea of what you do – basically, give them a reason to click on your website.

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To make sure that potential clients can find your tow truck business’s website, you need to have a great homepage that’s optimized for search engines. Remember, you’re trying to make Google happy. You want Google to like you. Take some time and make sure that your website is put together well and that you’ve taken advantage of all the little details that can make a difference.

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