7 tips for choosing a home security system

So, you’ve made the decision to get a home security system (or at the very least you’re considering it.) You want to protect your family and your home, and a burglar alarm seems like a good way to start. But now that you’ve made that decision, the next step is actually choosing a company to install the security system and monitor it. And where exactly do you start with that? We’ve got some tips for choosing a company to install your home security system.

7 tips for choosing a home security system.

1. Do some research about the companies you’re considering.

Before you make the decision of which company to go with to install your home security system, it’s important to do some homework. Spend some time researching the company and their reputation. Does the company have a strong record of providing quality products? Is the service reliable? Familiarize yourself with the products they offer and with the company themselves.

You can also ask your family and friends if they have a security system or if they have any recommendations. It might at least give you a good place to start with your research.

2. Check out the company with the Better Business Bureau.

You can also turn to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see if they’ve had any complaints about the company. The BBB is all about helping consumers make educated, informed decisions when they choose a business to work with by establishing trust and encouraging best practices.

3. Don’t forget about the monitoring part of the whole thing.

The installation and the product are just part of getting a home security system – there’s also the part where the company has to monitor the alarm and keep an eye on things. When you’re getting your system, ask if the monitoring service has a cellular or radio backup so that the system will stay live even if something happens to the physical lines to your house and they go down. Ask questions about how the company will monitor the alarm and how the entire thing works.

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4. Ask how the company tests their monitoring system.

It’s also important to know how the company tests and maintains their monitoring system. Without a functioning monitoring system, the security system is a little bit moot. What are their testing procedures to make sure the system is working as it should? How often do they test it? And what do they do if they do find a problem? It’s important that they have a way to identify problems and fix them in an efficient, timely manner.

5. Consider if they offer maintenance as part of their normal cost.

Does the company offer annual maintenance of your system as part of your normal cost? Maintaining the system properly is important, and it’s a bonus if this is a service that’s included in the price. It’s good to know that everything’s running as it should – you’ll have more peace of mind, too, knowing that your system is running like a well-oiled machine.

6. Think about turning your home security system into a home fire alarm system.

You can also see if you can get your home security system do another cool trick and monitor your home for fires. If you have a fire alarm built into your security system, you’ll be able to get a quick response to the emergency. So, your home security system can serve a dual purpose and protect your house from both burglars and fires!

7. Remember to ask your insurance agent about a home insurance discount.

Many home insurance companies offer a discount to homeowners who have a security system. That’s because security systems can be a deterrent to burglars, and they also allow the police to get to the scene of the crime faster. So if you’re getting a security system, definitely contact your agent and ask them if your carrier offers a home insurance discount for having a monitored security system. You could stand to save some money on your home insurance premium – and who doesn’t like to save some money on insurance?

So, those are some tips for choosing a home security system for your house. Ask family and friends if they have any suggestions. Do your research. Don’t forget to ask some questions about how the monitoring process works and how your system will be maintained. And lastly, ask your agent if you can get a home insurance discount!

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