14 car insurance discounts to consider

Whether you’ve just bought a new car or you’re looking to change up your auto insurance plan, it can be tough to know exactly how to keep your rates down. There are actually tons of discounts for car insurance policies that either no one knows about or that no one asks about. That changes today! Here are 14 car insurance discounts you want to be sure to ask your agent about.

14 car insurance discounts to know about.

1. Bundling.

You may have heard of bundling your home and auto insurance before, and there’s a reason. Bundling two types of insurance with the same carrier can give you some great discounts on coverage. Plus, bundling doesn’t just apply to the home and car combo. You can get discounts for bundling your car insurance with your renterss insurance, RV insurance, motorcycle insurance, and boat insurance – as long as you’re insuring a large part of your personal property.

2. Safe driver discount.

Are you always alert, ever vigilant, and cool-headed on the road? Have you retained all the info from defensive driving classes? Are you a pro at driving in the snow? Have you gone years without a single accident? Do you know the importance of not texting and driving? Then, you could qualify for a pretty nice discount on your car insurance. By showing less risky behavior behind the wheel, you’re showing the insurance company that you’re less of a risk to insure. So, they’ll probably give you a break on your car insurance rates.

3. Low-mileage discount.

It makes sense that if you rarely drive your car, your insurance is bound to look different than someone who drives regularly. One of those differences could be in your monthly premiums. If you drive less often, then that’s less of a chance that you’ll get into an accident. So, your insurance carrier may give you a break on your premium rates depending on how often you use your car.

4. Multi-car discount.

Maybe you and your spouse have separate cars, or maybe you have a teenaged driver or two that have their own cars. Either way, if you have multiple cars in your household, you may be eligible for a multi-car discount. Just make sure that everyone is being insured by the same company and ask your agent if your carrier offers discounts for having multiple cars.

5. New car discount.

As unexpected as it may sound, some carriers can offer you a discount for your new car or if your car is under a certain age. Since you’re probably not in the market for wrecking a brand-new ride, it decreases your risk for the insurance company, and it’s possible that they can give you some discounted rates.

6. Anti-theft system discounts.

No, we’re not talking about bungee cords or screwdriver startups. Some carriers can offer you a discount if your car comes with certain alarm systems or even push-to-start key fobs that prevent your car from being stolen. However, check with your agent to see what type of anti-theft systems can qualify you for a discount. Some carriers will only give you a discount if the security system is factory-installed, and some car insurance companies can count certain safety systems and not others.

7. Good Student Discount.

If your teen seems like they’ve been pushing you for a car since they learned what age they can get their license, make sure you stress the importance of keeping their grades up. Certain carriers can offer discounts for students that maintain a certain GPA. This is because insurance companies assume that good students are prone to less risky behavior. So, break out that report card when you’re adding your teen to your auto insurance.

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8. Senior Citizen discount.

If you’re a fan of getting those senior citizen discounts at restaurants, events, and retail stores, there could be good news for your insurance rates. If you’re considered a senior citizen by your insurance company, you could qualify for a discount – and then be as young as you feel behind the wheel.

9. Automatic payment car insurance discounts.

If your car insurance carrier is tech-savvy (and most are), you may be able to lower your premium rate if you set up your payments to automatically come out of your bank account every month. Of course, you want to be safe when setting up any type of automatic payment. So, just make sure that you’re on your carrier’s secure website when inputting your payment information and let the car insurance discounts roll in.

10. Paperless discounts.

Similarly, if you pay your car insurance premiums online, you could also qualify for a discount. More and more companies are becoming eco-friendly. So, your car insurance company could offer a little incentive to cutting out paper-printed bills. It’s a great way to save money and the environment!

11. Discounts for paying your car insurance in full for the year.

Okay, this one may be a little tricky and the technique is not for everyone. However, if you can swing it, ask your insurance agent if you can receive a discount by paying your entire year of car insurance in full. It can show the insurance company that you’re serious about sticking with them, it could decrease your premiums for future years, and you won’t have to worry about a monthly premium bill.

12. Loyalty discount.

Speaking of sticking with your insurance company, car insurance carriers are more likely to give lower rates to customers that stick around. The length of time it takes for your carrier to consider you a “loyal” customer varies. So, make sure to check with your insurance agent about when you’ll qualify for the discount.

13. Military discounts.

If you are or were one of the brave men or women that serve(d) our country, check with your insurance carrier if they offer military discounts. It could even help some of your family members save on their car insurance premium as well.

14. Affinity Discounts.

Depending on your location and the relationship your carrier has with certain groups, you could get a car insurance discount. You may want to check and see what discounts are available.

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Hopefully, the takeaway is that there are a lot of car insurance discounts that you can get just by asking! Check your insurance carrier’s website, research what discounts others may have gotten, and be proactive! Your insurance agent can’t save you money with car insurance discounts if you don’t give them the right information.

Luckily, our insurance professionals know all of the right questions to ask to get you the best rates on the type of car insurance coverage you need. To start getting quotes on the car insurance you need, just give us a call or fill out our easy online form.