A Security System Could Help Save On Your Homeowners Insurance

Could a home security system or burglar alarm system help you save on your homeowners? The answer is yes and in a moment we will show you how you can start saving immediately.

But first, just suppose you came home to find your home burglarized.

The door is ajar. Your possessions are strewn across the living room floor. Your home is ransacked. You now feel violated. You’re alone and vulnerable. Your mind races. Could they still be in the house? You immediately leave and call the police and they arrive soon after. The police inform you that all is safe and you can now enter your home again. Now you begin to notice what is missing.

Hopefully you have taken a home inventory already to make this process less exhausting than trying to do this by memory.

  • Flatscreen TVs
  • Laptop computers
  • iPads and tablets
  • iPhones

You immediately call your insurance agent to make a claim. Sure, your belongings can be replaced in a few weeks after your claim is made. Hopefully you have replacement cost coverage to get the full cost to replace your stolen belongings. However, the feelings of vulnerability and feeling violated may linger on for months or even years.

Did you know that the FBI reports that a burglary occurs about every 14.6 seconds in the USA?

That means in the time it takes us to type this sentence out another home is broken in to. Every 15 seconds! Now, combine that with the average crime related claim being almost $3,500 it is wonder that the insurance companies are willing to give up to a 20% discount for installing a monitored security system. But do monitored security systems make a difference?

Here are the facts about security systems:

  1. Homes without security systems are three times more likely to be broken in and vandalized.
  2. When interviewed arrested, 90% of all thieves skip houses with security alarms to look for houses that are not protected.

Common points of forced entry:

  • 34% front door
  • 23% first floor window
  • 22% back door
  • 9% garage entry
  • 4% unlocked entrance
  • 2% second floor


When you take the time to protect your home with an alarm system, be sure to focus on these common break in entry points. Here are some of the common ways to protect these access points:

  • Wireless or hardwired door contacts
  • Wireless or hardwired window contacts
  • Indoor motion sensors
  • Glass break detection sensors
  • Lawn signs
  • Remember to monitor your security system

This means that in case you do have a break in that the police are dispatched immediately. How to choose a security system company to work with:

  • Take the time to interview friends and family.
  • Read on line reviews.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for complaints.
  • Do you have to sign a long term contract?

Final reminders:

Please remember that 1 in 3 burglars enter an unlocked door or window. That means that too many people are leaving their homes open to make it easy for thieves to come in and take what they want! So lock your doors and please set those alarms. Remember: alarms only work if they are set! If you have any questions about how much you will save on your homeowners insurance with a security system please contact your InsuranceHub advisor today.