Commercial kitchen safety checklist

Commercial Kitchen Safety Checklist

If you have a restaurant, deli, or food preparation kitchen, then read closely. We realize that restaurant insurance can be expensive. In fact, it can be quite expensive, especially when you have accidents in your kitchen.

But, here’s the thing: many commercial kitchen accidents and injuries can be avoided when safety procedures and policies are set up.

When safety is ignored, it’s only a matter of time before there are accidents. Remember that restaurant kitchen accidents only make insurance rates go up. So, doesn’t it make sense to implement these checklist points in your kitchen and food prep area?

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Proper safety training for restaurants

Proper safety training could help save your restaurant

Did you know that back in 2012, over 616,000 restaurants opened nationwide?

That’s 616,000 restaurants similar to yours. That is a heck of a lot of competition. However, some resources quote that up to 60 percent restaurants close or change ownership in the first year, which means that roughly 369,000 restaurants closed within their first year of business. What’s worse is that about 80 percent (492,000 restaurants) close within five years.

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How to prevent slipping and tripping lawsuits

What can you do to avoid lawsuits from clients or employees tripping or slipping on site?

Just as you take the time to do preventive maintenance on your car or home, it is imperative to perform preventive maintenance on every aspect of your business. By taking time to implement policies and preventive measures now you will avoid liability lawsuits later on.

In other words, do not rely solely on liability coverage; instead, mange your risk.

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Controlling Liability Risks In Your Business

Liability insurance isn’t enough to protect your business. You must limit your business risks. What would you do if someone slipped, fell, and sued your company? Nobody wants to think about this situation, but lawsuits happen. 

It comes down to this: a person can’t win a lawsuit unless they can prove to and convince a judge and jury that your business was at fault.

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