Am I covered if I hit a telephone pole?

Getting behind the wheel of a car is one of the riskiest things we do on a regular basis. Though we’re used to driving and riding in cars and hopefully don’t feel afraid to do these things, there’s danger when it comes to vehicles. For example, objects near the side of the road – i.e. telephone poles. Would you be covered if you accidentally hit a telephone pole? We’ll explain – the answer is, quite predictably, it depends on what coverage you carry.

Are You Covered if You Hit a Telephone Pole?

If you only have liability insurance, then no, the damage to your car from hitting the telephone pole would not be covered. That’s because liability insurance covers your legal obligation to others if you cause them harm. Bodily injury liability can cover the other driver’s medical expenses if you injure them in a car accident. Property damage liability can help you cover the damage to the other driver’s car (or a fence that you plow into.) It can also help you cover legal expenses if the injured party sues you.

Damage to your car if you hit a telephone pole? Not so much.

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However, not all is lost. Your car is valuable, and chances are you rely on your vehicle. That’s why there are two coverages that can help you repair or replace your own vehicle if it’s damaged by a covered loss: collision coverage and comprehensive coverage.

Collision coverage is the one that can help you repair your car following an accident (or if you hit something like a fence.) So, in answer to the “Am I covered if I hit a telephone pole?” question is that collision coverage can help you. It could help you get your car back on the road following its misadventure with the telephone pole. You can see how this coverage can be very helpful. You wouldn’t be on your own to get your car all fixed up.

Now, you may have to pay your car insurance deductible. (Your deductible is the amount you agree to pay if you have a claim.) If your deductible is $500 and then you have a $2000 claim, you would pay $500 and the insurance company pays $1500. Yes, that $500 is not money you probably want to part with…but at least you wouldn’t have to foot the entire bill by yourself.

(If you have a car payment and a lender who asks for money on a regular basis, that lender might require you to carry collision coverage.)

The other coverage we mentioned, comprehensive coverage, is another important one for you to consider. It can help you repair your car if it’s damaged by something other than an accident. For example, it typically covers losses like vandalism, theft, falling objects (i.e. tree branches), animal strike, and fire. Again, your lender may require you to carry this coverage.

While your state may not technically require you to carry collision or comprehensive coverage, these coverages can help protect you financially. You never know when a surprise telephone pole could cause problems. It’s important that you have the coverage you need to cover the many risks that threaten your bank account when you drive. Car repairs are not cheap.

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Do I Have to Pay for the Telephone Pole Repairs?

Unfortunately, yes you do. If you strike a telephone pole you will have to pay the city to repair or replace it. This could cost thousands of dollars as well. So, it is always best to pay attention to the road and avoid situations like these when possible.

Summing Up

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