2018 Summer Tow Truck Gear Guide

Summer is here, and it’s time for a busy towing season. Plenty of people need help with their cars as they’re traveling to and from their destinations. And you and your tow truck are going to come to the rescue. But in order for you to be a towing superhero, you need the right tow truck gear. Check out our summer gear guide so you can be prepared for summer towing.

1. Aluminum & Metal Cleaner/Brightener

By: Shield Solutions


Source: https://www.shieldsolutionsllc.com/aluminum-and-metal-cleaner-brightener.html

This aluminum and metal cleaner will help your truck shine in the sun this summer. It’s easy to use, and what better way to get some great reviews for your towing business than with a shiny, clean tow truck?

Shield Solutions Aluminum & Metal Cleaner/Brightener:

  • Cleans the aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome sections of your tow truck and brighten them.
  • Removes spots caused by rust, oxidation, and water.
  • Works well with diamond plate and stainless wheels.
  • Is safe to use on vehicle surfaces.
  • Does not etch aluminum.

2. ComStar Xtreme

By: Ear Tec

Source: http://www.eartec.com/Headsets/comstarxtreme.html

Stay in touch with your team with these headsets. You can get a set of 4 wireless headsets that will allow you to work together easily.

  • Easy to talk to your team – you don’t need PPT Buttons.
  • Do not have a wire or beltpacks, allowing for easy movement.
  • Have an 800-yard range.

3. CL-1000 Cycle Loader

By: Condor

Source: http://condor-lift.com/cycle-loader

Summer is prime time for motorcycles. With the CL-1000, you can easily recover motorcycles that are disabled using a rollback tow truck. It’s safe and secure, and it suits all motorcycles. It’s easy to take on and off your truck, too.

The CL-1000…

  • Only requires one person.
  • Will not damage motorcycles.
  • Can be attached and removed quickly and easily.

4. Power-link Overhead Light Bars

By: TowMate

Source: http://www.towmate.com/ParabolicTechnology

These lights use peripheral parabolic technology to illuminate the scene of a tow. The light is visible from a long distance, allowing oncoming traffic to see you. It’s also focused close to the source, so you won’t be blinded in your own light. The light is amber-colored. A helpful piece of tow truck gear to help you stay safe during late-night towing calls.

5. Spare Tire Kit

By: Access Tools

Source: https://www.accesstoolsusa.com/Spare-Tire-Kit-p/stk.htm

Do you do roadside assistance calls? Do you change a lot of tires? Make your life easier with this Spare Tire Kit, which allows you to lower spare tires when you don’t have the tool to do it or when the tire is hard to get to.

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6. ANSI Class III Waterproof Bomber Jacket

By: American Safety & Supply Inc.

Source: http://www.americansafetysupply.com/products.html

Ever been stuck on a tow in the rain? Make it a lot more comfortable to be working in a drizzle or a downpour with this waterproof bomber jacket from American Safety & Supply Inc. Tow truck gear doesn’t have to be all about the vehicle!

This jacket has…

  • A warm fixed-quilted liner.
  • A storage spot in the collar for the hood.
  • A variety of sizes running from Small to 7XL.
  • Lots of pockets.

7. Service Writer Crayons

By: Service Writer Crayons

Source: http://www.servicewritercrayons.com/shop/

These crayons are designed to write on glass so it’s easy to mark and find the right car, right when you need it. Perfect for car washes, detailing shops, rental car lots, tow yards, and auto service centers. If you store cars and need to write on the windshield, these crayons will come in handy.

8. Safe-T-Sorb

By: EP Minerals

Source: https://epminerals.com/products/safety-absorbent-and-safe-t-sorb

Safe-T-Sorb can help you clean up towing-related messes. From paint to oil to other chemicals, Safe-T-Sorb will make it easy to clean up the everyday messes of towing.

9. Dom’s Wrap-a-Wreck Self-Adhesive Film

By: Dom’s-Wrap-a-Wreck

Source: https://domswrapawreck.com/index.php?main_page=page&id=1

This puncture resistant film will protect the interior of a car from damage from the weather – rain, wind, dirt, you name it. It’s perfect for use at accident scenes. It’s easy to apply and can even keep small parts from falling off the vehicle. It won’t break down from the rain and comes in clear and blue. It also has 90-day UV protection.

10. Tow Truck Magnets

By: Stamp Works

Source: http://stampworks.net/stock-magnets/

You can get magnets that look just like your tow trucks – how’s that for marketing?

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Be prepared for anything with the above tow truck gear. Summer is a busy season for towing businesses. But you can make your life easier and tow with ease with the above gear. Have a safe summer and happy towing!

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