Should I Get An Apartment Security System?

We have discussed the importance of protecting your home with a security system & the cost benefits of a monitored alarm system. But what if you live in an apartment complex? 

Do you feel that it is important to get a burglar alarm system for the apartment that you rent? Would you be surprised to know that apartments are 85% more likely to be broken into than a house? If you are an apartment renter then we hope you have your attention! Many apartment renters mistakenly assume that just because they don’t live in a house that they don’t need a home security system. Burglars just love false assumptions like this. If you rent a home, you might be thinking, “won’t the landlords insurance cover me in case a thief breaks in and steals my belongings?” Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Landlord insurance protects their homes structure not your personal belongings

So, if a thief broke a door frame and entry door to access the house you a renting, the repair work may be covered by the landlords insurance if they decide to make a claim. On the other hand, you would be responsible for replacing your own stolen TV and laptop! That is why they invented renters insurance. It’s low cost and very affordable.

You also may be wondering, “If I don’t own the apartment or house I rent, why should I pay for a security alarm system?”

The answer is that you alone are responsible to protect yourself, your family and your belongings.

Here is some good news though: if you get a monitored security system, then you may be qualified to get up to a 15% discount on your renters insurance. This means you not only get extra protection and peace of mind, you also save money on your home renters policy. Since apartments are often smaller than houses, you have fewer points of entry to protect, which means you can probably get away with a basic system installation consisting of a keypad, siren, front door contact and motion sensor.

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Many basic wireless security systems can be installed for very little money

All you have to do as the renter is to pay the monthly monitoring fee. Even better, you can take your monitored wireless security system with you if you change apartments or apartment communities. Here are a final few suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your apartment security system:

  • A burglar alarm system is only helpful if it is turned on! So remember to arm the system before you leave.
  • The highest homeowner discounts come with systems that are monitored by a local monitoring facility. Spend the monthly fee for the best protection.
  • Remember that 1 in 3 robberies involve an open door or window. Take the time to lock those doors and windows before you leave.
  • Place a security system decal on each door and window so they will cause a criminal to look for an easier target.
  • Take the time to do a personal apartment inventory in case you ever need to make a claim later on.

If you would like to know how much you would save on your renters insurance by adding a security system please contact an InsuranceHub agent right now.