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security system contractor insurance

If you're looking for insurance for your security system contracting business, you've come to the right place.

Here at InsuranceHub, we supply affordable insurance coverage for business owners.

You have worked hard at building up your security system contracting business and you have many spent years in the trenches to become a professional . You are rightly concerned about protecting yourself from liability.

After all, your clients rely on your advice when it comes to their security systems. That is why you can be sued for negligence in the performance of your duties. We can help you find the coverage you need to make sure that you're protected from all the risks you face.

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What would you do if you were hit with a liability suit for more than your current security system monitoring insurance covered?

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Thankfully, here at InsuranceHub, we have experience helping:

  • Residential security system installers
  • Commercial and industrial burglar alarm contractors
  • Security alarm monitoring companies
  • Video camera installers

We understand what goes on behind the scenes with retro-installing a security system in someone's home. We know it involves working in attics and crawlspaces. We know it involves fishing wires behind walls and under molding and carpeting. Our agents recognize that you will be installing motion sensors, door contacts, window contacts, control panels, keypads, and wireless remotes. We also understand the responsibility that goes along with monitoring someone's system.

Types of exposure that security alarm installers and monitoring companies need protection from:

Equipment breakdown exposures

What happens if you suffer a breakdown of computers and monitoring equipment, electrical control panels, and other equipment? Talk to your agent about an equipment breakdown policy.

Premises liability exposures

This is probably limited at your office since your installers go to people's homes. However, your liability is high on the job sites since you have employees working in people's homes and businesses. You have concerns about damaging your client's property during installation. You also have concerns about employee theft at your client's location. Remember to do background checks on all employees.

Automobile exposures

Do you have trucks that your service techs and installers use? Do motor vehicle background checks on all drivers. Sign your drivers up for defensive driving classes.

Inland marine exposures include

  • Accounts receivable
  • Computers
  • Valuable papers and records

Your biggest concerns can come from power failure, power surges, and fire, water, and smoke damage. Keep copies of all records off site.

Property exposure

This is big if you're doing any monitoring of these systems. Make sure that you have power backup systems in place in case of power outage. It also makes sense to have backup equipment so that you have spares if the equipment fails. Make sure that you take the time to test and maintain all the equipment so that it will work around the clock every day of the year. Finally, make sure that all wiring is done by licensed and insured contractors.

Extra expense exposures

This can be expensive if you are providing monitoring services. Clients count on their system being monitored 24/7. You need a contingency plan in case your location is shut down because of a storm or fire damage.

Crime exposure

This comes from your employees. You will be having installers working in their homes and businesses. Take the time to check back grounds on all employees.

Workers compensation exposures

You have office exposures with computer operators. Make sure all computer users are using ergonomically designed workstations. On-site workers face problems carrying and climbing ladders. Teach them safe lifting techniques so they can avoid back injuries.

Here is the minimum recommended security system contractor insurance coverage:
minimum insurance coverages for a small business insurancehub
  • Business Personal Property
  • Extra Expense
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Computers
  • Valuable Papers and Records
  • General Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Hired and Nonownership Auto Liability
  • Workers Compensation

Other security system contractor insurance coverage to consider:

  • Employment-related Practices Liability
  • Automobile Liability and Physical Damage

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