8 tips to prevent truck theft

So, everyone wants to think that their truck is safe and sound. It’s a truck – who would steal a truck? Well, a lot of people. Truck theft is more common than one might want to think. But the thing is that you depend on your truck for your work, and it would be a real problem if someone stole it. There are a few steps that you can take to reduce the chance of your truck being stolen.

Here’s a quick list of tips to prevent truck theft:

  • Lock all doors and windows
  • Don’t leave the keys in the truck
  • Park in areas that are well-lit
  • Think about a vehicle immobilizer system, fuse cut-offs, or a kill switch
  • Have vehicle alarms
  • Have a visible anti-theft device like a steering wheel lock, a steering column lock, theft-deterrent decals, wheel locks, or window etching
  • Have a tracking system on the truck

Tips to prevent truck theft.

1. Lock the doors.

Okay, yes, this one seems really obvious. But it’s important to make sure all doors to the truck are locked. Thieves want an easy vehicle to steal. And if the doors to your truck aren’t even locked up tight…well…Anyways, aside from the door locks, you can consider kingpin locks, locking bars, and air brake locks.

The same thing goes for the windows. Make sure that the windows are rolled all the way up to keep unwanted intruders out of your truck. Yes, even if it’s a beautiful day out and you’re only going to be gone for a second, don’t leave the doors unlocked or the windows down.

2. Don’t leave the keys in the truck.

Don’t leave the keys in the truck or in the ignition. Thieves are clever. If your keys are in the truck, there’s a distinct possibility that someone could find them. And then they could use your own keys to drive the truck away.

3. Park in well-lit areas.

The thing about thieves is that they don’t want to be seen. If you park your truck in a well-lit area, you’re making it harder for a potential truck thief to get to your truck and steal it unseen. Park where the truck will be visible and in the light.

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4. Have a vehicle alarm and anti-theft devices.

It’s also really important to have a vehicle alarm or a visible anti-theft device. These can serve as deterrents – someone might think twice about stealing your truck if they think it’s going to start screaming at them or if there’s a clearly visible device that will prevent them from taking the truck.

For example, like we mentioned above, some common anti-theft devices include:

  • Audible alarm system
  • Steering wheel lock
  • Steering column collar
  • Theft-deterrent decals
  • Wheel locks
  • Window etching

These things can protect your truck simply by warding off people who might want to steal your truck.

5. Try not to leave the truck unattended if possible.

Maybe you can’t always be there to watch your truck. But if it’s possible for someone to be with the vehicle when you’re out and about, maybe delivering a load or stopped somewhere, try not to leave the truck unattended.

6. Have other methods of truck theft prevention.

You can also try something like a vehicle immobilizer, smart keys with computer chips, fuse cut-offs, or a kill switch. You could also use a starter, ignition, or fuel disabler to foil the plans of any potential truck thieves.

7. Have a tracking system.

It’s also not a bad idea to have a GPS tracking system in the truck. That way, your vehicle could be found much faster, and hopefully with less damage. Though not a ton of stolen vehicles and trucks are recovered, some are. And that could be yours!

8. Have the right insurance.

You might wonder if your truck insurance can protect you if your vehicle is stolen. If you only have liability insurance, your truck insurance would not protect you if the vehicle is stolen. But if you have comprehensive coverage, you could be covered for theft.

Comprehensive coverage is a part of physical damage coverage, and it can protect against losses like fire, theft, vandalism, and falling objects – basically, losses that aren’t caused by a collision. The other part of physical damage coverage, collision coverage, can help you repair your truck following an accident.

Anyways, if you want your truck to be protected against theft, it’s important to make sure you consider comprehensive coverage. And of course, it’s important to read through your policy carefully so you know what’s covered and how it’s covered.

If you are approached by a potential truck thief…

If you are ever targeted by a truck thief, remember that the priority isn’t the truck, your cargo, or the equipment you’re hauling – it’s your safety. Try to stay calm and comply with the demands of the thief. Don’t argue with them. Try to remember as many details as you can about what happened so you can tell the police afterwards. Contact law enforcement and your supervisor.

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So, it’s important to be aware of truck theft and protect your vehicle. Make sure the doors are locked and that you don’t leave the keys in the truck. Park the truck in well-lit places. Have a visible or audible anti-theft method, like an alarm system or a wheel lock. Basically, remember that your truck is valuable and that someone might want to steal it…then foil those plans!

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