What does mobile home insurance cover?

It’s time to get mobile home insurance – hooray! (Okay, we understand that your hooray may be less than enthusiastic. Insurance isn’t a favorite thing for a lot of people.) Anyways, you need customized insurance for mobile home – a home insurance policy might not cover the risks you face. We’ll go over the basics of mobile home insurance.

What does mobile home insurance cover?

Okay, so the first question is what exactly does mobile home insurance cover?

The mobile home itself, plus adjacent structures, are (of course) covered by the policy. Makes sense, right? Mobile home insurance helps cover many losses, including fire, windstorm damage, falling objects (perhaps trees), lightning strikes (hey, it could happen), or explosions (because that could happen, too.) Of course, it’s always important to read through the policy carefully so that you know what losses are and are not covered. It’s best to avoid any nasty surprises if something you assumed was covered actually isn’t.

Your mobile home insurance also helps cover your personal property. For example, your electronics, bikes, furniture, and clothing are generally covered and your mobile home insurance helps you replace your belongings if they are destroyed by a covered loss. (Again, make sure you know what losses are and aren’t covered. Your policy will clearly outline these covered losses.) But rest assured, your treasures are safe and sound and protected by your mobile home insurance.

Your mobile home insurance also helps cover the loss of use of your home. That essentially means that if a covered loss forces you to leave your home, the extra expenses you incur from having to live elsewhere would be covered by your insurance. (For example, if you have to stay in a hotel or eat out a lot of restaurants.) Your insurance will generally help you cover the expenses that are in excess of your normal living costs (up to your policy’s limits.)

Mobile home insurance usually also offers personal liability coverage. That means your liability insurance helps cover losses if someone (who is not a resident) is injured on your property. For example, their medical expenses can be covered, as can your legal expenses and damages that are a result of a covered accidental incident. Basically, your liability coverage will help protect your bank account from harm if you face a lawsuit because someone got hurt on your property.

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Can you add coverage to your mobile home insurance?

There are extra coverages that you can add to your mobile home insurance. These are some of the endorsements (or additions) you can add to your policy:

Emergency removal: If a disaster like a fire or a tornado threatens your safety and your home, the endorsement allows insurance to pay for you to move to a safe location.

Fire department charges: This helps reimburse you for expenses if you’re in an area that’s not serviced by a fire department.

Water backup: This endorsement protects against damage from water that backs up through sewers, drains, and sump pumps.

Worldwide coverage: This endorsement covers your personal belongings when traveling to another permanent location if they’re lost, stolen, or damaged.

How can I save money on mobile home insurance?

So, it’s always nice to save some money, right? And there are a couple of ways you can save money on mobile home insurance (and make your bank account happy.)

First, you can get both your mobile home insurance and your auto insurance from the same carrier so you can qualify for a multi-line discount. Many carriers offer multi-line discounts, so it’s worth investigating to see if that’s a good option for you.

You can also see if you can get a discount for having an approved protective device on your vehicle. Insurance companies like to see that you’ve taken steps to lower your risk and make your car or home safer. So, you might get a discount if you have an approved protective device. Check with your carrier to see if they offer any sort of discounts.

In summary…

To conclude with a convenient bullet-pointed list…mobile home insurance typically covers the following:

  • Your actual mobile home
  • An attached patio/deck
  • Storage shed or garage
  • Clothing
  • Cooking appliances
  • Entertainment
  • Personal possessions

Well, that’s just a general list. Mobile home insurance is tailored specifically to mobile homes, unlike a standard home insurance policy. It’s important to make sure you have the right policy to cover all of your risks.

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